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Down Sleeping Bags NZ: The Perfect Solution for Light Backpackers

Are you an avid adventurer seeking a cozy and reliable companion for your outdoor escapades? Look no further than our premium collection of Down Sleeping Bags, available exclusively at Dwight's - your trusted source for high-quality outdoor gear!

Our vast range of top of the line Ultralight Down Sleeping Bags in NZ provide an excellent warmth to weight ratio. Perfect for the ultralight adventurer. We also offer a range of Synthetic sleeping bags in NZ which provide outstanding warmth at an awesome price. Whether you're looking for camping, hiking or alpine sleeping bag in NZ, we've got you covered. 

An investment in a good down sleeping bag is also an investment in your comfort and safety. While there are plenty of cheap options available to you elsewhere, they’re cheap for a couple of unfortunate reasons. They’re made from inferior materials and they’re only half-decent when the weather is at its very best; and in New Zealand’s great outdoors, we know that it’s not always perfectly warm. It can get very cold, very quickly and you need to be prepared with a sleep sack in NZ if you’re camping in unpredictable conditions. So, if you’re serious about the outdoors, and getting a great night’s sleep while you’re out there, it’s time to take a serious look at our high quality, good-value, and lightweight adult and baby sleeping bags.  

Why buy Down Sleeping Bags? 

Designed to keep you warm even in the harshest of conditions, our Down Sleeping Bags are insulated with high-quality down feathers. These feathers create an insulating barrier that traps your body heat, ensuring optimal warmth throughout the night. Whether you're camping in the mountains or trekking through chilly forests, our sleeping bags will keep you snug and comfortable.

We also offer a range of synthetic sleeping bags and double sleeping bag in NZ which deliver outstanding warmth at an awesome price. Whether it’s a down bag or a synthetic one, we guarantee we only sell sleeping bags in New Zealand that feature the best materials and design. This means the regular and kids sleeping bag in NZ you purchase from us will last for years, making it a far better investment than any of those cheap bags. So whether you're looking for camping, hiking, or alpine sleeping bags, check out our range on this page and contact us. We've got you covered. Literally!


Down is a natural material which has an amazing weight-to-warmth ratio. The sleeping bags made of the down material are treated with a water-resistant coating, are extremely lightweight, and generate warmth. The down sleeping bag in NZ is the most popular among campers and backpackers who like to travel light.
The down sleeping bags are fluffy, light and warm bags that provide a comfortable sleep on any adventure. They are exceptionally lightweight and compact sleeping bags & when looked after well and can last for many years. Moreover, these sleeping bags are like sleep sack in NZ that have an exceptional warmth-to-weight ratio which is a plus point for light travellers.
The down sleeping bag is believed to give the most comfort and warmth while sleeping. With their insulating capacity, these sleeping bags are the best option out there for warmth. Moreover, these bags are super light and made from breathable fabric so you do not need to compromise on any aspect.
Dwights usually recommends wearing a set of breathable & wicking underlayers to be inside of your sleeping bag. Such double sleeping bag nz is the best way to maximise thermal efficiency inside. A polypropylene or Merino top, bottoms and socks are great choices to wear to bed.
You do not need to wash your sleeping bags after each trip. However, you should wash it every so often when it’s hard a fair amount of use. Again if you are a frequent traveller, you might find the need to wash it more often to maintain hygiene. The best time to wash your down sleeping bag is at the end of the season or at a time when you plan to store it for an extended period of time. Dwights recommends doing this by hand, inside of a bath with Nikwax Down Wash. It’s best to remove as much of the water as possible after the clean, and hang up to dry as soon as possible.