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Mens Fleece Jackets

Fleece Jacket: Perfect Wear for Camping & Backcountry Trips!

First-time campers or hikers to NZ mountains often leave warm clothing behind. And then they discover that the remote, higher-elevation mountains of NZ have cold nights with near-freezing temperatures, and sometimes, chilly days. 

So, if you are planning to camp out in the mountainous terrain of NZ, take long day hikes, or head out for multi-night backpack trips, consider packing different types of fleece clothing in your camping gear! 

Why Wear Fleece Jackets on Outdoor Adventures? 

The most important aspect of a fleece jacket is its fabric. The fabric is made from polyester, comprising threaded plastics. A fleece hoodie has tons of properties that make it an ideal clothing material to be used in outwear. Here’s why you should consider carrying a fleece jacket in nz for camping or hiking on the mountainous terrain of NZ.

  • Highly Breathable: Since fleece is a synthetic material, it provides extra protection to clothes from snow and water. It is an excellent moisture deflector and continues to remain breathable even when wet.
  • Durable: Fleece is much sturdier than natural fabrics like wool and cotton. They are made up of polyester, a material manufactured from recycled PET and we all know how durable PET is.
  • Lightweight: Fleece is an ultra-light clothing material. And this makes a fleece jacket an ideal outwear alternative to woolen clothes for camping or hiking.
  • Affordable: Fleece clothing is much cheaper than its wool and cotton counterparts. This is one of the biggest reasons for the growing use of fleece in outdoor wears.

Best-Selling Fleece Jackets at Dwights

  • Mens Rab Flux Pull On: Available in all sizes, this lightweight fleece outwear is ideal to be worn for longer multi-day climbing and trekking trips. It is specifically designed to keep campers and hikers dry, active, and warm during hiking and trekking.
  • Mens Rab Superflux Hoody: This midweight superflux fleece hoodie is an ideal outwear for high-intensity mountain use. It is supremely stylish, packable, and comfortable to wear clothing, offering a perfect balance of warmth and breathability.
  • Mens Rab Alpha Flash Jacket: Made from the exceptionally breathable Polartec Alpha, this fleece jacket wicks moisture like no other fabric. Be it long, cold expeditions or fast and light mountaineering, this outdoor wear can meet all your camping and hiking needs.


Fleece is undoubtedly warm but unlike a down jacket, it can trap your body’s heat in small pockets when spun or lofted. The best part is that fleece jackets never run out of style. Dwights offers an expansive range of fleece jackets and hoodies at affordable prices. Buy now!
Yes, fleece hoodie in nz is warmer than natural fabrics such as wool and cotton. They not only weigh less but also offer high breathability and resistance to wind than wool and cotton clothing.
A quality fleece jacket in nz or hoody can typically last for 3-5 years despite regular use. However, just ensure to avoid washing or drying it at a very high temperature. Get quality fleece jackets at the best prices here!
Yes, fleece jackets are one of the most comfortable outdoor wear due to their lightweight and anti-perspiration qualities. Explore our extensive range of fleece jackets and hoodies to pick one that best suits your camping needs!
Yes, fleece jackets can be washed by turning the jackets inside out. Also, ensure to wash them gently using cool water and mild detergent. Avoid using fabric softeners or bleach to make your fleece jacket long-lasting.