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Whether you want to do a sunny Sunday stroll through the city streets, a light hike on a nature trail, or a more strenuous trek over challenging alpine terrain, then we have the right fit for your feet. In fact, we believe we sell the best women’s leather boots in New Zealand, from world-class manufacturers like Asolo, Salomon, Ridgeline and Hi-Tec.

These different brands have one very important thing in common: unrivalled quality. They’re worth every dollar thanks to outstanding design, premium materials, and superior manufacturing. When you combine all these things, you enjoy comfort, stability, flexibility and durability with every step. 

Cheap boots can have nasty consequences. For your safety and comfort, invest in a pair that will provide the support your feet and ankles need, no matter where you’re hiking. Besides, we’ll never charge you too much to wear quality boots anyway. Our prices are always affordable, and they’re even better value when you can pay Dwights Outdoors club prices. So why not join the club?

For the best hiking boots in NZ, and the best possible fit, check out our range. We have something that you’ll love to wear every step of the way.  

A Range of Best-Fit Women's Hiking Boots For You!

When it comes to hiking boots for women, we’ve got your feet covered. Our range of womens boots in NZ will fit your requirements as perfectly as they fit your feet; from easy day walks on a country trail, right up to long and challenging multi-day hikes in tricky terrain, and everything in between.

For example, our Hi-Tec Trailstone boot is a lightweight, breathable and versatile hiker. It’s designed and manufactured for a day or weekend light hike with all-day comfort and grip.

At the other end of the scale, our Asolo Women's TPS 535 boot is the one to choose when it’s time to push yourself. The TPS 535 features three shock absorbers in the outsole that correspond with the areas of foot that receive highest impact during activity. Just one example of a serious feature in a very serious hiking boot.

Check out our range of hiking boots in NZ for women and you’ll see we have a pair that will provide stability, comfort and durability wherever you want to go. And because we’re outdoors adventurers ourselves, and know a good pair of boots when we wear them, we’re always here to give you some expert advice. So get in touch with us and we’ll help you put your best boot forward every time. 



If you are seeking an all-day comfortable hiking boot for a light hike, go for the Hi-Tec Trailstone boot. For long and challenging multi-day hikes in tricky terrain, the Asolo Women's TPS 535 boot would be the best.
Although hiking shoes and boots are made up of the same elements, there’s a slight difference between the two. Hiking shoes are lighter versions of hiking boots and are ideal to be worn only on in dry weather and gentler terrain. Order women’s hiking boots in NZ for extra durability & comfort!
The essential things to look for in hiking boots are weight, support, stability, cushioning, functionality, stiffness, breathability, fit, durability, and comfort. Check out our expansive range of hiking boots in NZ for women's to pick the ideal one!
Always ensure to buy perfect-fit hiking boots. Womens hiking boots should not be tight-fit. Rather, it should offer enough space to wiggle your toes. It’s better to try out hiking boots with the socks you plan to wear on your hiking trip. Reach us to get quality hiking boots with the right fit!
It’s always advisable to pick hiking boots of a bigger size. That’s mainly because feet tend to swell during long and strenuous hiking. It’s better to buy half a size larger hiking boots than the original size. Buy the best ladies boots in NZ at affordable rates!