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Are you an outdoor enthusiast seeking the ultimate shelter solution for your adventures in the beautiful landscapes of New Zealand? Look no further than Dwight's exceptional collection of bivvy bags in NZ. Our bivvy bags offer unparalleled protection, versatility, and convenience, ensuring you have a reliable companion for your outdoor explorations.

Best bivi bags in NZ for wild camping adventures  

While plenty of outdoor sheltering options are available, a bivy bag in NZ is one of the most minimalist options that are portable and weighs much less than regular tents and sleeping bags. Having a bivi bag is like having a waterproof jacket. However, the only difference is that a bivi is worn by your sleeping bag, not you.

Are bivi bags in NZ worth purchasing?

Bivving is to sleep in outdoors without the shelter of a tent. Be it in terms of ease, convenience, or experience, a bivy bag doesn’t disappoint. While it may seem a little daunting at first, once you know how to use it, the rewards are pretty worth it!

A bivi bag is a compelling shelter option for a variety of reasons. For instance, the foremost reason that makes bivi bags preferred camping essential is their portability. Unlike camping tents, all that a bivi bag needs is a flat spot as big as your bag. There’s no need to struggle to find an ideal pitching location for the tent.

In the right outdoor conditions, a bivi equal freedom. No packing, No pitching, No hassle. And not to miss, the ultralight bivvy bag in NZ offers a weight-to-protection ratio and high efficiency.


In simple words, a bivi bag is an ultralight sleeping bag cover made of lightweight waterproof fabric that is lighter and breathable from beneath. Often, a bivi is also referred to as a one-man waterproof shelter owing to its compact and portable design.
Bivi bags are meant for slipping over sleeping bags and protect them from getting damp or wet. Typically, they are lightweight, easy to pack, and often cheaper than most tent options.
Yes, there are multiple benefits to buying a bivi bag in NZ before your outdoor adventure. A bivi offers incredible weather protection while ensuring sufficient breathability and ventilation for the user. One can spend amazing comfortable nights in the outdoors with bivi bags in their camping gear.
Sure! A bivi bag can be easily refolded and slid into the camping bag for later use. In general, bivi bags are made of high-quality waterproof fabrics that are highly durable and enough to be reused multiple times.