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Do you love travelling? Do you have a niche for outdoor activities? Does adventure thrill you? 

If you can relate to the questions above and are someone who loves and enjoys their time amidst nature, you must be well aware of the travelling preparations. Veteran travellers know the importance of preparing for a journey and the essentiality of travel accessories. Certain must-haves make your travelling comfortable and convenient and without which you might land up in travel. 

Dwights Outdoor brings you the best collection of accessories that make travelling safe and comfortable. With our years of experience in the outdoor activities section, we bring to you an assortment of products that are functional and effective for travelling. Whether you are looking for accessories for a camping endeavour or want travel pillows for a long flight journey, we got you covered. 

Dwights Outdoor is a renowned name in the outdoor activities range and has the most versatile collection of branded and quality products. We vowed to make your travelling convenient and your outdoor experience fun and memorable with our wide range of products. 

Our Collection of Travel Essentials in NZ: 

We believe travelling is fun and educative and so people should plan at least one trip every year. It releases stress and enhances the bonds with near and dear ones. Utilizing a significant amount of your time in having fun or risking some adventure will have a noteworthy positive impact on your life. Plan your trip with your family or friends today and shop for the essentials from Dwights Outdoor for the best product in terms of quality and pricing. 

Our Vivid Collection of Travel Essentials in NZ Includes: 

  • Cabeau Evolution S3 pillow that offers superior comfort and relaxation to flight travellers. It is believed to have redefined the use of travel pillows with its responsive memory foam and 360° support to the head and neck. 
  • The Korjo Sleeping mask is your perfect sleeping partner during bright afternoon naps. Turn the brightness of the day into the darkness of the night with the comfort of these sleeping masks. 
  • The Korjo Water Boiler or immersion heater is the perfect solution for boiling water for your drinks or for purifying water for drinking purposes. These water heaters are must-haves for your outdoor trips. 
  • The Korjo resealable packing bags are the most versatile and useful products for your outdoor activities. These bags can be used to pack and store different products to protect them from damage. 

These are some of the most popular choices in our collection of travel accessories. Dwights brings you the most versatile range of products, visit our website today to check out and shop.


Travel accessories are those products that are the most essential while travelling. These are the things that make travelling comfortable, convenient, and safe. Things like travel pillows, water heaters, packing bags, flashlights, clotheslines, money pouches, back pillows, toilet seat covers, etc. are things that you should not miss out on while travelling.
When having a camping trip the travel essentials in nz that you should not miss out on are: a pair of comfortable clothes, a water boiler to purify drinking water and make hot drinks, a sleeping mask, a sleeping bag, a tent, a camping stove, a first-aid kit, etc. In addition, you can pack things that you cannot do without and enjoy your weekend amidst nature.
The travel accessories in NZ help in making your travelling experience more comfortable. They offer support and assistance to offer you a seamless travelling experience. Travelling accessories are designed to fit the different requirements and needs of travellers and to enhance the comfort of the journey.
The accessories that you should definitely carry while travelling are a power bank, neck pillow, sleeping mask, wipes, travel organiser, clothesline, etc. These things provide comfort and make your travelling remarkable.