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Camping Footwear: Sturdy, Flexible & Comfort 

Footwear is one of the most important things that has a lot to do with your outdoor experience. Be it walking on urban roads or camping in the wilderness, the right pair of shoes will keep your feet protected and offer sufficient support for easy movement. 

Camping footwear like trail shoes, hiking boots, etc. is designed to be functional and versatile that adapt to the changing environment while keeping the feet protected. These shoes are reliable and offer enough stability & support in harsh surroundings. 

Best-selling Outdoor Footwear in New Zealand 

Options of footwear for women or men are plenty ranging from trail running shoes, hiking shoes, backpacking boots, etc. Your choice of outdoor footwear should be influenced by a number of factors like your hiking type, the terrain conditions, and most importantly pre-foot conditions. The sole and structure of each shoe are different and are suitable for different people’s needs. 

Dwights has brought to you a collection of best-selling footwear that guarantees to offer excellent protection, support, and comfort. Browse now & and pick your pair for the next adventure. 


Buying shoes online is great; however, it’s important to buy from credible dealers or websites that assure product genuineness and price. Dwights is one platform where you can rest assured of high-quality footwear at the best prices. Although online shopping for footwear gets you a wide range of options, it can get tricky sometimes but not while shopping with Dwights as their collections include products only from the best brands.
On Dwights, you can shop for the best quality outdoor footwear in NZ at the most reasonable prices. Paying for quality is always worth it as the shoes are guaranteed to last longer and serve their purpose which is not always the case with cheap ones. Trail shoes or hiking boots from brands like Asolo, Hi-Tec, Crispi, etc. may have comparatively high upfront costs but are a worthy purchase in the longrun.
While shopping for footwear, there are a number of key factors that you must keep in mind such as sturdiness, fit, comfort, and your wearing purpose. Besides these, proper measurement of your feet is important to ensure that the shoes offer adequate support and grip to your feet to travel safely and comfortably. Also, when out to shop, it's vital that you try on the shoes at the end of the day as the feet tend to swell up during the day.