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Camping Essentials for Women: Premium Apparel, Footwear & More 

Camping is all fun and adventurous only when one has the proper gear and resources to encounter unanticipated emergencies. Staying outdoors and communing with nature is the ultimate essence of camping. However, things can turn pretty gross if one isn’t dressed appropriately or has the right amenities to keep themselves comfortable. 

While the basic gear remains the same for all, there are specialized items like camping boots and jackets for women that make a difference. As a women camper, your needs while away from urban amenities may be different from that of men. So, the apparel, bags, and women’s hiking boots in NZ should be purchased to ensure the most comfort and style. 

Shop For Premium Apparel & Women’s Hiking Boots In New Zealand 

Bid adieu to camping discomfort with premium womens jackets in NZ, hiking bags, and durable hiking footwear. At Dwights, you can find exclusive women's outdoor collections that are specially designed to bring style, safety, and comfort to women travelers. Browse and shop for the latest trends and fashion now!


Yes, women’s hiking boots in NZ are completely different from men's boots as they are designed specifically for the women's feet structure. Typically, women have narrower heels and taller arches than men. As a result, hiking boots designed to fit women's feet are built on a ‘last’ i.e. the mold used to form the boot. So, instead of buying a downsized men's boot, it’s best to go for womens hiking boots.
The womens puffer jacket in NZ was ideally made for outdoor activities including hiking, skiing, walking through snow, or engaging in some other winter sport. These are insulated jackets for women that provide the perfect combination of warmth and lightness. One can shop from a variety of puffer jackets available in different thicknesses, each suitable for unique weather conditions.
Hiking bags should be a priority purchase as one cannot travel in the wilderness without carrying essential gear. Perfect womens bags in NZ should be lightweight and feature an advanced back system that helps carry heavy loads. So, while shopping for hiking bags, make sure that the backpack is engineered to excel in motion and is spacious enough to accommodate all your belongings. The Lowe Alpine Women’s Sirac 65 Litre Hiking Pack is a great hiking bag that is ideal for backpacking and mountain treks.
As the name suggests, outdoor apparel refers to high-performance clothing and accessories that keep the wearers protected and comfortable. Typically, outdoor apparel such as jackets, full-on fleece, tights, and pants are made of either synthetic or natural fibers. For instance, premium apparel made of polyester, fleece or merino is excellent for wicking moisture away whilst keeping the wearers dry and comfortable. On the other hand, clothing made of natural fibers like wool is well-known for keeping the wearer warm even while wet due to weather conditions.