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Backpacks: Making Treks Better for All! 

There is no shortage of camping and trekking areas in New Zealand. There is a plethora of places you can just drive to for a weekend getaway. The country attracts visitors from all over the world because Lord Of The Rings was shot here and because of the beautiful scenery and nature. Since the country is an island, you can rest assured that you will not run out of scenic destinations.

Choosing The ‘Best’ Backpack 

When it comes to choosing a tramping pack, we at Dwights Outdoors aim to give you the ones that will suit your preferences like a glove. You can buy 45L backpacks for trekking, 60L to 80L backpacks for women, you name it. You can get a hiking pack with a maximum capacity of 80 to 100L that would include a rain cover as well. There are trekking packs too for both men and women of varying capacities.  

Hiking backpack in NZ can be found easily on our website and you can set the price of the items as per your budget. The price of the hiking gear varies, with multiple value options, or premium items to suit all budgets. 

To make your outing a memorable one, you have to make sure that you have all the hiking gear you require starting from poles, sticks, and others. So, a sturdy backpack is just as important as what it would carry.


A 50L bag can be a good option for hiking where the hiker has to carry many items. It’s specifically great for overnight tramping trips or those who pack ultralight in multi day trips. The answer to this question depends on factors such as the length of the trip, the person asked, and other factors. Generally, for a 1-2 day trip, a 50 Litre is big enough.
There is not much difference between a 30L and a 20L hiking pack. There is a difference of 200g between the weights of the packs. However, a 30L will allow its users to pack more items into it. If you are travelling with children, you can use the bag to relieve their bags of some weight. 30L bags are good options for fast hikers.
A 40L hiking backpack in NZ is more or less a good option for a one-day hike. That way there is ample space for extra food and other items that can protect you from unpleasant changes in the weather. In case you do not pack anything too heavy, 40L bags are ideal for a one-day hiking trip. These bags will also not make you slow down as they are not that heavy.
A tramping pack of 21L to 35L is ideal for keeping food, clothes, and other items such as emergency items, cameras, and more. Bags of such capacities are good enough for a one-day hike. These bags can be carried by anyone like students, hikers who are using their bikes, and students. Additional clothing can also be kept in these bags.