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Microfibre Towels

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Indulge in the ultimate pampering with our collection of high-quality microfiber towels in NZ, available exclusively at Dwight's. Crafted with premium microfiber technology, these towels offer a level of softness and absorbency that will elevate your bathing experience to new heights.

Why You Should Switch to a Microfiber Towel

Move away from cotton towels when you can dry yourself with a microfiber towel. The cotton towels cannot match the softness of these towels. Such a towel always leaves you wanting more as the touch of the fabric is so soft and the way it dries water is so smooth that once you start using the towel there's no way you'll ever revert to any other towel. This is the perfect travel towel for all your camping and hiking needs. The PackTowl personal handtowel for example is super-absorbent, one that can dry up to 70% faster than a traditional cotton towel. Imagine roaming around a wet camping site with such an efficient towel that helps you dry off quickly and even better does not give out a foul odor even after repeated use.

The microfiber towel in NZ can soak up to 10 times its weight in water and then wring out completely dry. It has a multipurpose use - you could use it in the kitchen where the chances of water spilling are high and you would need to dry your hands off constantly. Or else, you could use it in your workshop or during your hiking trail. The towel cloth softens with every use and you need minimal maintenance to keep it fresh. Also, some of these towels weigh as less as 18g and you can imagine how compact it is. However, the best quality of these towels is their odorless feature. Cotton towels can get smelly after a while but microfiber towels remain fresh for a long time.

Upgrade your bathing routine with the luxurious softness and superior absorbency of microfiber towels. Visit Dwight's today at dwights.co.nz to explore our collection of microfiber towels in NZ. Enhance your self-care rituals and embrace the comfort and quality that only our microfiber towels can provide.


Definitely. A microfiber towel in NZ is one travel companion you don't realize you need till you get wet in the rain or you are on the beach and you need to get your hair and body dried immediately. These towels are best to use in highly wet areas in the home such as the kitchen and bathroom. The absorbing quality of such towels is much more compared to traditional towels.
The drying quality of a microfiber towel is simply unbelievable. It can absorb a full liter of water in a matter of seconds. It is a perfect combination of softness, absorbing ability, and quick drying. You would get these towels with a hanging loop attachment that makes the drying process quicker. Not just that, these are very easy to maintain and get softer with each use. We at Dwights have the best quality towels perfectly suitable for your drying needs anywhere.
Microfiber cloths in NZ have up to 70% better drying capacity than your traditional cotton towels. These towels get softer the more you wash them. The towels can absorb up to 10 times their weight in water. Moreover, these are incredibly lightweight and can be carried anywhere effortlessly. Cotton towels can give out a foul odor after repeated use however, a travel towel made of microfiber material has an odorless quality even after multiple uses.