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A Range of Best Shower Tents for Campsite Privacy & Hygiene 

Investing in a good-quality camping shower tent is one of the best decisions you can make. These shower tents allow campers to easily make their trip comfy and hygienic. The essence of camping is to ditch urban luxuries and move closer to nature. But, who said your camping adventure has to make you struggle for the basic amenities & comfort? 

Just like a good-quality sleeping pad can take care of your good night’s sleep, a camping toilet tent addresses all your hygiene and privacy concerns. You can take a refreshing shower after a hectic day of adventures without anyone invading your privacy. Adding camp shower tents to your gear list can improve your camping experience to great extents. 

Top Reasons to Buy a Camping Shower Tent 

Seasoned campers or experts often highlight the benefits of carrying a shower tent, especially on multi-day trips as poor hygiene can lead to other problems. These tents are highly portable and have a pop-up design that can be set up in minutes. They are convenient for travelers camping at different locations as they can easily pack and unpack. 

Furthermore, the shower tents come with privacy screens and curtains that make them ideal for bathing and changing purposes. For instance, the Coleman shower tent is one of the best in the category as they offer total privacy, is easy to set up, and is suitable for all weather conditions.


Well, sure they are! A shower tent is an amazing thing to have on the campsite that offers added privacy and comfort to the campers. Typically, these shower tents are like portable washrooms that can be set up across different locations while traveling. The main purpose of these tents is to give a cozy space to the campers where they can bathe and keep themselves fresh. Travelers can enjoy a relaxing cold or hot shower regardless of wherever they are.
A shower tent is available in multiple styles that are priced differently based on factors like portability, accessories, size, material, etc. The popularity and market demand for such tents has encouraged manufacturers to come up with advanced shower tents that assure improved privacy and convenience. The camping toilet tent by Coleman is one of the best in this category that offers impressive headroom and complete privacy. Also, it is a multi-purpose shelter that can be used as a bathroom, changing room, or shower room.
Yes, a shower tent in NZ can hold up to a 5-gallon shower bag if it’s of good quality and features a sturdy design. Most shower tents also come with a zipped opening that paves way for an outside shower. Also, besides the space occupied by the shower bag, these toilet tents have enough room for users to shower and change comfortably.
To take a hot shower in a toilet tent in NZ, one can either use a portable water heater or other gas-powered devices. So, instead of waiting for the sun to heat up your water, you can simply opt for a mini hot water heater that runs on battery and enjoy a warm and relaxing shower outdoors.