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Ideal Camping Cooking Set for Your Outdoor Trip

The age-old concern of mankind is food and even more so for outdoor adventurers. It is necessary to carry certain essential kitchen items like a camping cooking set to meet your basic needs. You need reliable kitchen material that is both compact and lightweight.

When it comes to portable kitchen items for a camping trip, nothing is more trustworthy than Trail Kitchens. You can set up a compact kitchen in your minivan or even install the kitchen gear outside in an open view. The whole set looks awesome and is easy to install outside. You can prepare any meal you want, just like at home.

Essential Cooking Equipment

No camping trip is complete without a good camping stove. You could be in the wilderness out there where there are no signs of restaurants or eateries. You need to be adequately prepared so that you don't have to starve! There are a wide variety of stoves available in the Dwights store that would simply blow your mind. Check out some amazing camp oven in NZ.

Why just limit yourself to the stove when you can enjoy a good barbeque? You can now get the BioLite FIREPIT and have your favorite grilled meat. It creates hyper-efficient burn and you can even control the flame remotely.

At Dwights, we bring you the best camping gear available in New Zealand be it a gas stove or portable oven.


When you purchase a camping stove in NZ, you should look for one that is compact and has efficient burners. It is critical for a stove to have a good flame otherwise the cooking experience can be marred. The MSR PocketRocket Deluxe Stove is the right cooking equipment for camping trips, especially in windy places.
You could use a portable oven inside the van or tent. Although it is best to cook your meals outdoors, however, with fire retardant mats like the BioLite FIREPIT Mat, you can even cook indoors if you wish. The mat is easily packable and takes up very little space. It protects the surface by reflecting the radiant heat and prevents any fire accidents.
With their adjustable flame control system, stoves like Kovea SupaLite Titanium stove and MSR PocketRocket Stove are considered the best camping stove in the world. The one-touch piezo ignition and trapezoid design of the Kovea stove makes it a highly versatile cooking gear. The look is edgy and neat and the flame distribution is optimum too.
You could make any meal of your choice in a camping gas stove within no time whereas a wood fire takes a long time to prepare. Getting good firewood is a challenge as well and during rain or high winds, it is simply not viable. With a good stove, you can even cook indoors.