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    From our family to your family since 1979.

    Our Family Canvas tents have been trusted and proven for decades! They are built, designed and manufactured for New Zealand conditions. We know our tents are the best on the market. Try one and see for yourself.

    The Kiwi camping holiday is something of a New Zealand tradition. Our temperate summer weather and an almost endless list of stunning outdoor destinations make camping the perfect way to spend quality time together in a little patch of paradise. That little patch of paradise is made even better with our big family canvas tents! We have canvas tents for sale that keep that classic Kiwi tradition alive, and we believe they’re the best under the New Zealand sun. 

    Our family canvas tents have been used and trusted by Kiwis for decades. That’s because they’re built, designed and manufactured for New Zealand conditions. They can be opened up to let in the breeze on a hot summers’ day, and zipped up when the rain faalls. And they’re incredibly comfortable and spacious. Separate sleeping areas, large living areas when it’s time to get together, plenty of shelter from the sun, and the opportunity to add extra liveable space if you need it - the options are virtually unlimited in one of our family canvas tents. 

    The one thing all of our family tents have in common is they’re made from the very best materials. From the small things like the zippers we use to the big things like heavy-duty mesh windows and doors, everything comes together in a high-quality and durable tent that will last for many golden summers. 

    When it comes to canvas tents in NZ, we know ours are the best on the market. They’re the only way to enjoy a classic Kiwi family camping holiday where everyone is snug and safe and happy under one roof. Contact us today to discuss the type of tent you need for your outdoor family adventure. 

    18 products

    18 products

    Homestead Deluxe Canvas Tent
    Sold Out
    Dwights Homestead Tent
    Homestead Canvas Tent
    Sold Out $3,499.99
    The sunroom is the 2 side walls and front wall which attach by Velcro to the tent veranda. Also comes with a floor.
    Universal Sunroom
    Sold Out
    Dwights Coastline Tent
    Coastline Canvas Tent
    Sold Out $2,799.99
    Lakeside Canvas Tent
    Homestead Deluxe + Sunroom Package
    Sold Out
    Homestead + Sunroom Package
    Sold Out $4,299.99
    Sold Out
    Coastline + Sunroom Package
    Sold Out $3,599.99
    Lakeside + Sunroom Package
    Sold Out
    Homestead Removable Rear Veranda
    Sold Out $499.99
    Universal Windbreak
    Homestead Deluxe with 2x Veranda Awnings attached.
    1x Side Veranda Awning for Canvas models
    2x Side Veranda Awnings for Canvas models
    Coastline Footprint
    Homestead Deluxe Footprint
    Homestead Footprint
    Lakeside Footprint
    Homestead Deluxe Window Pole