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Juice up your electronic gadgets with camping power

 The use of solar panels in NZ is no longer limited to commercial and residential units. One can carry portable power to charge their gadgets and other batteries while away from the power outlets. These portable powers are mostly used while camping in the backcountry where traditional electricity sources are unavailable. 

Unlike the noisy and smelly generators run by fossil fuels, these solar camping accessories produce green, quiet, and odorless energy. Carrying this lightweight solar equipment helps in keeping the electronic gadgets in use throughout the trip. 

Shop for top camping accessories & keep your devices charged

At Dwights, you can shop for a variety of camping power products that will keep your devices charged and help in keeping in contact with civilization. Solar panels produce sufficient electricity to run basic gadgets like mobile phones, iPods, cameras, etc. 

Buying top-graded products like the portable power center, Dynamo solar torch, portable power station, etc. is a worthy investment that assures the best power supply while camping and lets you enjoy a worry-free time. Swipe & start shopping now!


Surprisingly, yes! Solar panels can work with torch light and other forms of artificial light other than sunlight. However, these artificial lights are either incandescent fluorescent bulbs or LED lamps that provide light that is strong enough to charge the solar panels. Torch lights can be a great portable power alternative for charging solar units in case of little or no sunlight.
Typically, solar flashlights can last for 1.5 hours to 7 hours on high & extend up to 50 hours on low. This duration varies from one flashlight to another depending on the power draw. These solar flashlights are rechargeable and their lifespan may extend up to 2 years, even when used regularly. Also, the battery life of these solar flashlights differs from brand to brand with runtime extending up to 82 hours low.
The solar-powered torches have photovoltaic or solar cells that absorb sunlight or any other artificial form of light and convert them into usable forms of electric energy. It is the solar cells of the torches that are responsible for absorbing and generating camping power for nighttime use. When the torch battery is completely drained, it might take around. 4 to 10 hours of direct light exposure to fully recharge and produce light for hours.
Making a portable power station in NZ is fairly easy and helps travelers understand the mechanism of solar power and its amazing utility. Broadly speaking, for making any kind of solar light, one should have the four vital components i.e. solar panels, efficient D.C. light, batteries, and a charge controller. Having these basics can help you make a solar torch light. Once you have these, you can refer to multiple videos online that offer a step-to-step guide on making solar torches.