Camp Kitchens

Get Deluxe Camping Kitchens in NZ!

Everything including the kitchen sink. That’s the beauty of one of our camping kitchens. It’s a portable, compact and easy-to-assemble piece of equipment that lets you cook with greater efficiency and delicious results.

Check out our deluxe camp kitchen NZ with sink and you’ll see it’s the ultimate example of how much easier outdoor cooking can be. It features a sturdy steel frame for exceptional stability while preparing a meal, a durable Oxford polyester fabric skin, removable MDF shelves, and side mesh pockets for extra storage, including keys, torches and other gadgets that tend to get lost while you’re camping. As well as all this, the shelf supports are sewn-in for increased shelf weight capacity, while the whole unit itself is lightweight and packs down flat into the bag that comes with it. 

Camping Kitchens: A significant addition to your camping essentials

One of the biggest advantages of our camping kitchen NZ is the removable and foldable windbreak which shelters your gas stove for a continuous flame and uninterrupted cooking. Ask any outdoor enthusiast and they’ll tell you there’s nothing more frustrating than cooking on a camp stove on a windy day; a camping kitchen takes away that frustration while delivering several big advantages at the same time. 

Make things a little easier on yourself during your next outdoor adventure. Get in touch to find out more about our camping kitchens that come with everything, including the kitchen sink. 


A camp kitchen in NZ would generally have some of the most essential requirements of a kitchen. Our camping kitchen would have a sink, camping stove and fuel, some sort of fire starter, cooking utensils, a multitool that can act as a can or bottle opener, a knife, and a chopping board.
A camp kitchen in NZ can be of great help when camping in an unknown territory with family. When children are in the group you would not want to try the primitive way of lighting a fire and roasting something to eat. Moreover, this would mean depending entirely on nature for food, so investing in a portable camping kitchen with facilities can be a great way out.
The most popular camping kitchens in NZ are made of sturdy steel frames with removal MDF shelves and the structure is built with a polyester fabric skin. These kitchens are also equipped with extra mesh pockets that are great for storing items like gadgets, torches, and keys.
While in a camping endeavour, you should refrain from making complicated dishes and enjoy the escapade. The best foods are the ready-to-eat ones that can be simply heated and served from a camping kitchen. In addition, foods like bread, fish, bacon, potatoes, steak eggs, and coffee are stapled foods for a camper’s kitchen.