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Sleeping Mats: For a comfortable sleep in the wilds 

One of our sleeping mats is a lightweight solution to an age-old problem - getting a warm and comfortable night’s sleep while you’re overnighting in the outdoors. 

Take a look at our range of camping mattress and sleeping mat in New Zealand, and one thing will immediately stand out - they all look supremely comfortable. They are. 

A prime example is the Klymit Static V, the world’s first lightweight, packable air pad that incorporates body-mapping chambers for ultimate comfort. Klymit’s exclusive V-Chamber design of sleeping mat camping will conform to the shape of your body while maintaining generous, lofted air pockets. It doesn’t matter if you sleep on your side, back, or stomach, you’ll feel like you’re sleeping on air with the best mattress in New Zealand. That’s because you are. 

If weight is as much of a priority as comfort, check out the Thermarest NeoAir XLite - all 340 grams of it for a regular size, or 430 grams for the large model. This is the lightest fully insulated air pad you can get with Thermarest’s proprietary construction providing the critical warmth you need in the backcountry, and the high-performance WingLock valve allowing the mattress to inflate three times faster. 

Camping Mattress: Why Are They Essential for A Camping Activity? 

While a whole lot of comfort is built into every sleeping mat, self inflating mattress, and camp mattress in NZ we sell, we must not overlook the insulation qualities they possess. When sleeping outdoors, it’s imperative to keep something between yourself and the ground. Our foam camping mattress provides a great protective barrier between yourself and the increasingly cold surface beneath you and will help to keep you warm. 

Our lightweight sleeping mats and self-inflatable mattress in New Zealand, are as easy to carry as they are to sleep on, and are a breeze to inflate as well. We can’t see any reason why you wouldn’t undertake a multi-day trip without mats in NZ. Contact us today and we’ll advise you on the best mat for your requirements. You can also visit our website for info.


The self-inflatable mattress NZ makes for the best camping mattress. They are made up of a combination of air and open-cell foam and offer the much-required comfort and warmth. These self inflating mattress in New Zealand are ideal for any type of camping.
Yes, camp sleeping mat in NZ is different from normal mattresses. The camping mattress is narrower and shorter than a standard mattress so it can be accommodated in any camp tent or recreational vehicle. However, the thickness and height of the mattress vary and can accommodate one to more people depending on the size of the mattress.
Ideally, a sleeping mat is 2.5 to 3.5 inches thick. A typical camp mattress in NZ is 3 inches and provides sufficient insulation and comfort in any unusual terrain. A 3-inch self-inflatable mattress NZ will be high off the ground and will be stable for having a good night’s sleep.
A sleeping mat for camping plays two essential roles in great sleep at night outdoors. It provides the cushioning and insulation that is important while sleeping outdoors. The cushioning is essential in uneven terrains and the warmth helps to survive the coldness of the night.