One Planet Sac -5 (1250 Grams)

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The Sac features the latest in sleeping bag technology: the strong, warm, thermally-bonded Thermolink fill; lightweight, breathable 20-denier Vapour Vent fabric; a comfortable, efficient, tapered rectangular shape and all the technical features you expect from a One Planet bag. The Sac is designed for general use – all you need to do is select the warmth required.


Fill: Thermolink Synthetic
Comfort Rating: 1°C
Limit of Comfort: -5°C
Extreme: -22°C
Weight: Regular 1250G, Large 1388G
User Height: Regular 187cm, Large 195cm
Shoulder circumference: Regular 160cm, Large 175cm
Stuffsac size (Uncompressed): Regular 11L (20 x 37cm)

Temp Ratings

One Planet sleeping bags are rated using the international standard for sleeping bag performance, ISO 23537-1. (This is a revised version of European Standard EN 13537.) This means every sleeping bag has two ‘real world’ and one extreme rating. To determine what temperature might be most suitable for you see our technical pages.

  • ‘Comfort’ rating is based on a ‘standard’ woman having a comfortable night’s sleep.
  • ‘Limit of comfort’ is based on the lowest temperature at which a ‘standard’ man is deemed to be able to have a comfortable night’s sleep. This is the figure we use in our product descriptions.
  • ‘Extreme’ rating is a survival rating for a ‘standard’ woman. According to ISO 23537-1, ‘a strong sensation of cold has to be expected and there is a risk of health damage due to hypothermia’. This is a survival rating only, and consumers should not rely on this rating for general use. The best guidelines are the comfort and limit of comfort ratings.


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