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Hiking Boots for Various Outdoor Activities

Are you a nature lover who loves those long walks on the mountainous roads or often takes time out for hiking? Do you enjoy tramping on country roads? All these activities require an individual to be fit and have the right equipment for travelling. If you are someone who takes pleasure in such activities you need to shop for hiking boots NZ, tramping boots for NZ countryside, or the best walking shoes in nz.

Premium Hiking Boots NZ At Affordable Prices!

Whether you want to do a sunny Sunday stroll through the city streets, a light hike on a nature trail, or a more strenuous trek over challenging alpine terrain, then we have the right fit for your feet. In fact, we believe we sell the best women’s and men’s hiking boots in NZ, from world-class manufacturers like Asolo, Salomon, Ridgeline and Hi-Tec.

These different brands have one very important thing in common: unrivalled quality. They’re worth every dollar thanks to outstanding design, premium materials, and superior manufacturing. When you combine all these things, you enjoy comfort, stability, flexibility and durability with every step. 

Why hiking shoes are important?

Our NZ hiking boots are specifically designed for outdoor walking activities and thus protect the feet and ankles from abrasions and bruising. Wearing designated hiking boots in NZ can also protect the hiker from falling or slipping on a trail.

When exploring Mother Nature, you should be ready to accept severe weather changes without any prior forecast. And on scenarios like that having a pair of hiking shoes in nz can help you to get through the wet trails safely. Both our womens hiking or tramping boots in NZ and mens hiking shoes in NZ are waterproof shoes, created to save your feet from wet and muddy conditions and keep you going even on the toughest of road trails.

Hiking without the proper gear and footwear can call for some serious complications. Buying the best hiking boots in NZ for womens and mens hiking boots will ensure that you won’t end up with any feet-related problems after a hiking endeavour.

You can experience the worst of weather and the trail during a hiking activity and so to prepare for it, you need to have the best waterproof shoes in NZ. Dwight brings to you the most trusted brands in terms of womens hiking shoes in NZ and mens hiking boots NZ.

Why buy the best quality footwear for activities?

Buying inferior-quality action-oriented footwear can bring serious consequences like foot arch pain, blisters, etc. Some amount of feet troubles are common both for a novice and an experienced hiker and so opting for the best hiking shoes will make sure your feet and ankles receive the least amount of stress from a hiking activity.

The best hiking boots like Asolo or Salomon hiking boots NZ come with better cushioning, breathability, support and stability to help you walk through rough terrain safely. Whenever shopping for the best hiking shoes in NZ or waterproof shoes in NZ, Dwights is the best place for you to look out.

Cheap boots can have nasty consequences. For your safety and comfort, invest in a pair like Salomon shoes NZ that will provide the support your feet and ankles need, no matter where you’re hiking. Besides, we’ll never charge you too much to wear quality boots anyway. Our prices are always affordable, and they’re even better value when you can pay Dwights Outdoors club prices. So why not join the club?

Our Collection

For the best hiking boots in NZ, and the best possible fit, check out our range. We have something that you’ll love to wear every step of the way.  

When it comes to hiking shoes for women, we’ve got your feet covered. Our range of womens waterproof boots nz will fit your requirements as perfectly as they fit your feet; from easy day walks on a country trail, right up to long and challenging multi-day hikes in tricky terrain, and everything in between.

For example, our Hi-Tec Trailstone boot is a lightweight, breathable and versatile hiker. It’s designed and manufactured for a day or weekend light hike with all-day comfort and grip.

At the other end of the scale, our Asolo Women's TPS 535 boot is the one to choose when it’s time to push yourself. The TPS 535 features three shock absorbers in the outsole that correspond with the areas of foot that receive highest impact during activity. Just one example of a serious feature in a very serious hiking boot.

You can also check our men’s Salewa Rapace GTX Boots, the best ones for mountaineering that sports rear ankle mobility support, flexibility and a perfect fit. It is one of the best mens hiking boots in NZ for it offers good traction and secure grip on rocks because of its aggressive tread patterned outsole.

At Dwight's, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality products that meet the needs of adventurous souls like you. Our hiking shoes are the perfect companion for your next expedition, ensuring comfort, durability, and style every step of the way. Don't let anything hold you back – get your pair of hiking shoes today and embark on unforgettable journeys across the stunning landscapes of New Zealand! Visit our website at dwights.co.nz to explore our full collection and place your order.

Why Shop from Us?

We are experts in bringing the best quality hiking gear and shoes for the last 40 years. We understand the need for good quality womens walking shoes in nz, best tramping boots in NZ, waterproof hiking boots nz, womens tramping boots NZ, etc. for hiking and other trekking adventures.

Dwights is committed to delivering you branded and quality-tested waterproof walking shoes in nz for a safe and comfortable hiking experience. We are a family of hikers and so are experienced and knowledgeable about the best brands and their products. We are well aware of the challenges during action-oriented walking activities and so are pledged to provide innovative solutions with the collection of the best hiking shoes in NZ,  walking boots in NZ, mens hiking boots, and tramping boots in NZ.

Check out our range of hiking boots for women and you’ll see we have a pair that will provide stability, comfort and durability wherever you want to go. And because we’re outdoors adventurers ourselves, and know a good pair of boots when we wear them, we’re always here to give you some expert advice. So get in touch with us and we’ll help you put your best boot forward every time. 



Boots with flexible midsoles and better ankle coverage are the best for any hiking activity. There are specific shoes that are built and designed to offer the much-required support and comfort to the feet, heels, and ankles. Wearing regular sneakers for high-intensity outdoor activities can be dangerous as you can end up spraining your ankle.
These are footwear specially designed for outdoor activities in mountainous terrain. They are designed to protect the ankles and the feet while hiking through rough patches and uneven surfaces during a hiking endeavour. They make for an essential part of hiking gear that is very useful and help to walk longer distances without probable injuries.
The design and the construction of waterproof hiking boots in NZ offer support and comfort to the feet and the ankles while walking or hiking for longer distances in difficult terrains. These boots are highly recommended to avoid any minor or major damage to the ankles and feet of a hiker. The waterproof variants are useful both in wet terrains and also during snowfall. It helps in keeping away the cold and offers warmth and comfort throughout the journey.
The walking shoes are generally made moderately durable and lightweight that provide comfort during usual walking activities. On the other hand, hiking shoes are more on the sturdier side that is developed to minimize the impact on the heels and the ankles during an active outdoor activity. Hiking shoes are made to survive tough weather situations and rough terrains.