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Explore The Whole World with These Backpacks

Are you a frequent traveler who likes to roam around the world? Or perhaps thinking of venturing out on a solo camping trip to discover yourself? Well no matter what your traveling experience is, one thing is sure - a camping backpack is an indispensable item, without which your trip would be cumbersome. It is impossible to imagine a trip without a proper backpack. When you are on a tramping expedition you'll encounter tough terrains such as steep mountain climbs, rocky surfaces, stony brooks, and marshy lands. Obviously, you can't carry a suitcase or wheeled bags in these places. You would shudder to even think of the discomfort caused by pulling luggage in such difficult terrains. A backpack is the best option for such outdoor destinations.

Why Choosing the Right Backpack Is Important?

For long camping tours, you need to pack a lot of items. From snacks, clothes, shoes, sleeping bags, jackets, and water bottles to hats, you need to carry a lot of things in your backpack and therefore, it has to be spacious as well as robust. You want a good quality leather backpack in NZ with reliable zippers, numerous compartments to separate your essentials, and most importantly, one that has significant weatherproof capabilities. If you are out in rainy or snowy weather, you don't want the items inside the backpack to get wet, especially your gadgets.

These days people like to go hiking with their families as it's a great bonding experience. Kids are curious and adventurous by nature and they are always excited to go on nature trails with their little backpacks on. No more searching here and there for kids backpack in NZ when you can get all you need at the Dwights store. The Lowe Alpine Backpack is the perfect fit for your children as it gives ample space and mobility for them to walk freely.

So look no further than Dwights if you want a hiking backpack in NZ because we understand the needs of our customers and go the extra mile to improve their camping and hiking experience.


The load should be evenly distributed in the leather backpack so that there's proportionate weight on your shoulders and hips. After even weight distribution, the hip belt has to be fastened and the shoulder straps out on. Connect the chest strap with the shoulder straps and make sure you're able to breathe properly. Don't tighten the straps too hard otherwise, you could damage the contents inside the bag.
The Lowe Alpine Mens Kulu is an outstanding backpack that is designed to have a comfortable experience. The FlipBelt design feature allows you to adjust the hip belt on the side of the pack while traveling. This is a large backpack that makes space for even load distribution so that your back does not bear all the weight.
Yes, you can carry a laptop in your backpack. You could carry all kinds of gadgets inside a camping backpack. There are multiple compartments inside the backpack meant for keeping your valuable items separate. This is important as you want your gadgets to be kept in a different compartment than your snacks and water bottles.
The best travel backpack is one that is waterproof. You want complete protection against rain and snow so that your essentials are kept safe from getting wet. At Dwights, you would get the best waterproof backpacks that come with a lifetime warranty.