Water Storage

Never Run Out of Water with These Containers

Water is the most precious resource on the planet and we can't survive without it no matter where we go. If you have regular camping experience then you're no strangers to scarce water availability. Hence, you need to be adequately prepared for emergencies. Carrying a large water container can save you from dry throats and dirty hands at ungodly hours. You want enough water stored in your tent so that you don't have to venture in the middle of the night to search for water.

Running out of water at a campsite can cause a lot of distress. But it doesn't have to be so if you have a good container with you. Carrying a large container can be a burden and to solve this problem, Dwights offers you a range of foldable containers to store water that makes it unbelievably easy to transport. These quality containers have molded handles for effortless carrying and an on/off spigot for quick filling.

Staying Hydrated in Remote Locations

If you're going on long hikes in remote locations such as uninhabited mountains or tropical forests, you may not find a good water source to serve your drinking and washing requirements. A camping water container is exactly what you need during such trips. The Collapsible Water Container for example is a large container (5 gallons) that is easy to carry and would keep your water fresh and cold for a long time. It is the ideal companion in a  campsite as you would be covered for long durations without worrying about collecting water all the time. The container is easy to transport and the opening is large enough for you to fill it with ice to keep the water cool in hot and humid conditions.

Investing in reliable water storage is an investment in your well-being and preparedness. Don't wait until it's too late. Visit Dwight's website at dwights.co.nz today and explore our extensive range of water storage solutions. From water containers to rainwater harvesting systems, we have everything you need to secure your water supply and face the future with confidence.


A Collapsible Water Container is a container made of plastic, stainless steel, or aluminum that comes in various sizes depending upon the requirement of the user. Such a container is useful for camping, hiking, road trip, etc. They store a lot of water that would keep you covered for a long time.
The standard size of a large container is 5 gallons. You can also get smaller containers that can be easily carried in your backpack side pockets. The wide variety of Hydrapak in New Zealand containers are available in various sizes and are apt for a tramp or a hunt. You can replenish them from a river stream later on.
During alpine treks, you need to carry hot water with you and therefore a thermally efficient container is what you want. You can carry hot water in a container but only if it provides thermal insulation. A plastic container may not be suitable for this purpose but a stainless steel flask can come in handy.
The hydrapak nz flasks can keep the water at an ideal temperature for up to 38% longer than other flasks. These flasks are ideal for long walking trails.