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Sleeping Bag Liners

Sleeping Bag Liners

A sleeping bag liner NZ is one of the most underrated staples in camping gear. Most campers tend to forget this item and struggle to sleep well in the outdoors. Since the outdoors are nothing like your bedroom’s warm and cozy interiors, nights can get uncomfortable if you don’t carry appropriate sleeping essentials. Also, if you bring kids along then you have to make good sleeping arrangements for them and kids sleeping bag in NZ is a critical item to carry during an outdoor camping trip.

Sleeping bag liners in NZ help add an extra layer to the sleep system to ensure extra warmth, comfort, and protection. These also act as a barrier between the body and the synthetic interior of the sleeping bags, keeping them clean and preventing dirt from reaching inside. Besides being an excellent choice for winter, sleeping bag liners are useful in summer and humid conditions extending the life of the sleeping bags.

Types of Sleeping Bag Liners

Sleeping bag liners are available in a wide range of options depending on the shapes and the materials used.

For instance, depending on the shape, a sleeping bag liner in NZ can be of two types i.e. Mummy shaped liners and Rectangular liners. As the name suggests, rectangular liners are designed to be used on their own or inside rectangular sleeping bags. On the other hand, mummy-shaped liners are designed to slip inside regular sleeping bags.

Similarly, based on the materials used, sleeping bag liners are available in different materials such as cotton, silk, synthetics, etc. A silk sleeping bag liner in NZ offers both comfort and praticality when it comes to camping in diverse weather conditions.

Are Sleeping Bag Liners Worth it?

While living outdoors, we are constantly exposed to dust and other weather particles that make our bodies dirty, sticky, and smelly. Using a sleeping bag liner in NZ is the best resolve to avoid dirty sleeping bags and frequent laundering.

There are multiple other benefits of using sleeping bag liners such as they provide extra warmth, help in maintaining hygiene, and extend the life of your existing sleeping bag. A domex sleeping bag is perfect in this regard. Just like putting an extra blanket on your bed assures comfortable temperatures, placing a sleeping bag liner inside the sleeping bag will keep it insulated and warm. Hence, sleeping liners are absolutely worth it!

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Silk liners are the best sleeping bag liners in NZ. These liners are very comfortable and make for excellent addition while travelling in summer conditions. Moreover, these liners pack down and are convenient to carry being lightweight.
A sleeping bag liner can add a significant amount of warmth to your sleeping bag. Any lightweight thermolite lines can add up to 14℉ to the existing warmth of a sleeping bag. In addition, these liners can also be used as a single sleeping solution in hot weather situations.
A sleeping bag liner in NZ is heavier and warmer than a silk liner. These liners are a great option for very cold climatic conditions as fleece adds a very good amount of warmth to sleeping bags. Get a domex sleeping bag and carry it anywhere you like without worrying about the weather conditions.
Adding a sleeping bag liner made of rab cotton, silk or fleece depending on the weather condition you are travelling in, can help in increasing the warmth of your sleeping bags. The sleeping bag liners are highly efficient in providing warmth and added insulation inside a sleeping bag.