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Don’t Go Camping Without a Torch! 

Whether out camping in the wilderness or roaming the pathways of an urban jungle, a reliable torch, especially a rechargeable torch in New Zealand is of paramount importance. When darkness falls and human beings are essentially blind to their surroundings, a sturdy and powerful led lensertorch can be a lifesaver. These convenient flashlights help illuminate a campsite or one’s path when walking at night, thus preventing dangerous animal encounters, accidents and injuries from occurring. 

LED Lenser NZ: Lighting the Way to Excellence

At Dwight's, we take pride in offering the finest LED Lenser products in NZ. As a leading brand in the industry, LED Lenser is renowned for its commitment to innovation, precision engineering, and superior performance. Explore our extensive collection and find the perfect LED Lenser torch that meets your specific lighting needs.

Experience Unrivaled Illumination

When it comes to illumination, LED Lenser stands in a league of its own. Our LED Lenser torches feature advanced LED technology, providing a powerful and focused beam that cuts through the darkness with exceptional clarity. Whether you're camping in the wilderness, exploring caves, or working in low-light conditions, trust LED Lenser to light up your path and ensure optimal visibility.

Uncompromising Quality and Durability

LED Lenser torches are built to last. Constructed from premium materials and engineered with precision, these torches are designed to withstand the demands of rugged environments. With robust casings, water resistance, and impact-resistant features, LED Lenser torches are your reliable companions that will never let you down, even in the toughest conditions.

Rechargeable Convenience for Endless Adventures

Say goodbye to the hassle of constantly replacing batteries. LED Lenser rechargeable torches provide the ultimate convenience and cost-efficiency. With integrated rechargeable batteries and USB charging capabilities, you can easily power up your torch and enjoy uninterrupted illumination whenever and wherever you need it. Experience the freedom of adventure without the worry of running out of battery power.

Versatility for Every Need

LED Lenser offers a diverse range of torches to cater to various applications. From compact handheld torches for everyday use to powerful headlamps for hands-free illumination, our collection has you covered. Whether you're hiking, fishing, working on projects, or simply need a reliable light source during emergencies, LED Lenser has the perfect solution to meet your lighting requirements.

Looking For the Perfect Torch? Checkout Our Roster! 

At Dwights, we carry a vast selection of various types of torches to suit every need and budget. We also stock numerous models of the famous German led Lenser in NZ. Come, pay a visit to one of our brick-and-mortar stores or drop by our online shop and arm yourself with a long-lasting and high-quality torch in New Zealand today!     


Whether one is out hiking in the dark or passing through a particularly dim street, or maybe there is a power outage at home or one is looking for something in hard-to-see places, a good quality and trustworthy torch can save the day. Not only does torchlight chase away the darkness but one can also use a torch to send a distress signal at night when in danger. A sturdy torch can even double up as a weapon for self-defence in the event of an attack from people or animals while out in the city or in the wild.
A led Lenser torch produces brilliant and clear light which can be either scattered and diffused or it can also be focused and concentrated into an intense beam. These torches come in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs and materials and depending on the model, are suitable for both light personal use and heavy commercial use. Led lenser torches are made by a German portable lighting products manufacturing company based in the North Rhine-Westphalian city of Solingen in Germany. The founders of this company, Rainer and Harold Opolka, were the developers of the first commercially available LED torch.
Rechargeable torch batteries last longer than non-rechargeable batteries and these batteries can be charged via USB chargers or power banks. Also, with rechargeable torches, one does not have to look around for or carrya large number of traditional use-and-throw batteries, thus rechargeable torches are less wasteful and more environmentally friendly. Rechargeable flashlights also come fitted with powerful LED bulbs that produce a light intensity which is about 75% stronger than traditional torches with non-rechargeable batteries and incandescent bulbs. Additionally, rechargeable flashlights generally come in sleeker designs and are usually drop-resistant and waterproof, making them particularly suitable for hiking and camping.
For camping purposes, one should always choose a rechargeable flashlight so that it can be charged on the move. Also, camping flashlights should be of a compact design thus making them more portable and easier to carry around while out camping. Additionally, having a flashlight with a flat base gives one the added advantage of resting the torch on the ground, on a table or on the tent floor in order to light up one’s surroundings.