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Trail Cameras

Are you an avid wildlife enthusiast or a passionate hiker looking to gain insights into the secret lives of animals?

Look no further than Dwight's collection of game cameras in NZ. Designed to deliver high-quality images and videos, our game cameras are the perfect tool to document and study wildlife behavior in their natural habitats.

Also known as a scout or a game camera, a trail camera is a staple for hikers and wildlife watchers alike. Thanks to the incredible technology these days that have made it possible to enjoy the view of the dense woods and areas where humans have left little to no touch without being present physically.

Meeting other inhabitants in their original habitats is now possible without any risks or adrenaline rush with a trail camera in NZ. Such cameras have changed the outdoor game making trekking and adventures fun and more interesting. These multiply the nature-watching experience and are typically used by wildlife researchers for valuable insights.

Choosing the right trail cameras in New Zealand

A camera that you’ll be carrying across the woods and over mountains while hiking or trekking and use at a stretch must have a few fair qualities. Although trail cameras are easy to operate, one should be mindful of picking the right camera that will be helpful throughout the adventurous outdoor stay.

While shopping for trail cameras, you’ll likely come across a wide range of available options. To choose the right trail camera in NZ for your next trip, make sure to look for basic factors like lightweight, picture quality, resolution, trigger speed, etc. Checking for all these factors and knowing what you need will help you make a worthy purchase.

Are trail cameras worth it?

The basic idea behind trail cameras is quite simple i.e. to install a camera in areas with high animal activity anticipation. As soon as a wild creature trips over the camera sensor, it immediately clicks pictures. These visuals are captured in high-definition quality making it easier to understand the distinct habits of inhabitants in their original uninterrupted habitat. Since it rains a lot in certain parts of the country, make sure the camera is a waterproof camera in NZ.

Discovering and studying different creatures in their natural habitat is equally valuable for wildlife researchers and regular hikers or those willing to explore the woods. Being aware of the natural habitation in an area, what they prey on, how they prey, their activeness during the day & night, etc. is always helpful in assuring one’s safety in the woods.

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Some Trail Cameras work by transmitting data with the use of existing cellular networks. The cellular trail camera in NZ is optimized with specific hardware to run on carrier requirements of the network.
Trail cameras utilize time-lapse mode and infrared motion detection sensors that allow them to shoot videos or capture images every time their sensor gets triggered by a movement or at a specific interval of time.
The trail camera in NZ can shoot between a range of 20 feet to 130 feet. Most modern trail cameras are also equipped with features to shoot 4K videos @ 20fps. These cameras make for the best equipment to trace wildlife and keep a track of their movements.