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If you are an avid adventurer, you are most likely to head out camping or hiking more often. However, to keep yourself prepared for tackling all sorts of survival situations during an outdoor adventure, you need to pack several essential items in your camping gear.

One of the most important things to pack before heading out in the wild is a coat. Yes, a coat or vest should be on your camping essentials checklist no matter what the season is.

Why carry mens coats to camping?

On a trail, you are likely to experience rapid changes in weather conditions. And, with the change in conditions, your body temperature will tend to fluctuate. To keep yourself fit during your outdoor adventure and protect your body from extreme weather conditions like snowstorms or torrents, you should essentially consider carrying men coats in NZ.

Here are some of the other important reasons to carry a coat or vest on camping or hiking:

  • Sun Protection: Coats and vests can be a lifesaver on exposed trails, especially at high elevations. They can help you avoid sunburn.
  • Rain Protection: If you are heading to a terrain that has chances of precipitation in the forecast, it’s safe to pack waterproof mens coats in your camping gear.
  • Hypothermia Protection: Your body may lose heat when exposed to extreme cold conditions. And if your body loses heat quicker than it’s able to produce it, the body’s core temperature is likely to decrease, causing hypothermia. Carrying an all-weather jacket or coat is the best way to avoid getting sick from hypothermia during camping or hiking.

Dwight’s best-selling mens coats in NZ

  • Mens Peak XV Hard Rain Jacket: This three-quarter-length waterproof jacket ensures to provide high breathability both in dry and wet conditions.
  • Mens Rab Valiance Waterproof Down Jacket: No matter how wild the weather gets, this warm & waterproof down jacket ensures to offer the comfort you need. It is a durable and insulated jacket featuring innovative bonded box wall technology.
  • Mens Rab Microlight Jacket: This microlight jacket is ideal for outdoor adventures where warmth, weight, and packability are prime concerns.


Fabric is the first and most important thing to look for in mens coats. Always consider buying coats and vests that are soft, comfortable to wear, waterproof, lightweight, and durable.
Yes, it’s always safe to carry a camping jacket or coat on an outdoor adventure in the summertime. It will keep you warm in times of heavy fog and sudden downpours.
Ideally, the mens coats that are specifically designed for camping or hiking in NZ should have their hem ends a hand’s breadth above the knee.
You should always look at the amount of space between you and your jacket while purchasing one. There should be enough room between your coat and the wear underneath. However, it should not be too baggy or too loose on the body.
To determine whether a coat is enough warm or not, you should check its fill power. The higher the fill power, the better insulated the cost will be. Generally, a mens coat with fill power ranging between 500-900 is considered the best!