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How does PartPay work?

Paying with PartPay online is easy. When you get to the checkout page, select PartPay as a payment method. If it’s your first time shopping with us, you’ll need to enter some personal details (just name, date of birth, address and driver licence number) so PartPay can do a quick automatic ID check and credit assessment. Their system does this in real-time and if it’s all approved, and you agree on the instalment schedule, PartPay will take the first instalment. Once accepted, we will send the goods (or prepare them for pickup) as we would with any other payment method.

Is there really no interest and no extra fees?

Yes, as long as you pay your scheduled payments on time you will only pay the ticket price advertised. But if you miss a scheduled payment, and don’t process a payment before midnight on the day it is due, PartPay will charge an $8 default fee and a further $8 for every week it is outstanding so make sure you have money in your account. PartPay will email you in advance every time as a reminder.

Am I eligible to shop using PartPay?

To shop using PartPay you need to be over 18, have an NZ debit or credit card, and be living in New Zealand. For our real time ID verification process you will require a NZ Driver Licence but you can get manually ID verified with other ID forms here (https://partpay.co.nz/idverification/)

I don’t have a NZ Driver Licence, what do I do?

To set up an account without a NZ Driver Licence, we’ll need to verify you manually. You can find out how to get manually ID verified with other ID forms here (https://partpay.co.nz/idverification/). This can take up to 24 hours.

Can I pay my order early?

You sure can. You can make a manual payment any time by logging into your account at https://www.partpay.co.nz/login/ then going to “Payments”.

PartPay couldn’t verify my ID, what can I do to fix it?

If we can’t accurately Identify you on signing up, even if your Credit Score is above our minimum you may still get an message. If this happens we will need to verify you manually. You can find out how to get manually ID verified with other ID forms here (https://partpay.co.nz/idverification/). This can take up to 24 hours.

Why wasn’t I accepted?

Given PartPay are giving you access to finance, our system assesses a number of factors to work out your spending limit (primarily a Credit Check) so if you don't meet our minimum requirements you may be declined. We do this as are committed to ensuring our Customers are in a position to make their repayments on time. To learn more about your Credit Score and credit history, get in touch with Centrix. www.centrix.co.nz/Personal/Get+my+credit+report.html

How much can I can spend with PartPay?

The max PartPay spend limit is $1,000, and your spend limit will be allocated based on an individualised credit assessment. If you purchase regularly using PartPay and always make your repayments on time your spending limit will increase. At most PartPay retailers you can spend above your PartPay available credit by paying any difference up-front.

Looking for further information?

Please visit PartPay and refer to their FAQ's section www.partpay.co.nz/faqs