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Duffle Bags in NZ: A Staple for Adventure Travellers 

A duffle bag is of great help, whether for a day trip or a weekend getaway in the hills. The duffel bags in NZ are instrumental in carrying the stuff and help relieve travel woes. They come with various features that help in taking them around easily. 

Dwights brings to you a duffle bag in NZ available in various capacities to fit your requirements such as a weekender or overnight bag. Our duffle bags have increased carrying capacity and is complemented by low pack weight that makes them suitable for any sort of journey. 

Travelling to an urban setting or all set for an outdoor excursion, the travel bags in NZ from Dwights will suit the prerequisites. Crafted from durable fabric and integrated with organisational features, the duffel bags in NZ ensure a trouble-free travelling experience. 

Collection of Duffle Bags NZ 

We bring you Duffles bags available in various capacities and features that are suitable for different sorts of travellings. Our collection of duffle bags includes: 

Backpack Duffle bags:

The duffle bags in NZ that double as backpacks are highly convenient to carry around. They come with detachable shoulder straps and four handles that make them easier to carry and are a convenient travelling tool. The shoulder straps can be removed when not in use. This duffle bag in nz is also available in waterproof material and is strong to carry hiking gear and useful equipment. The accessible main opening of the bag is lockable and so helps in keeping the contents safe from getting lost. 

The backpack duffle bags are a great choice for polar or high-altitude expeditions where trekking is required. Such overnight bags in NZ are waterproof backpacks that are also available in sizes that can fit the airline handbag requirements. 

Packable duffle bags:

The packable duffle bag in NZ comes with a practical solution for storage or carrying the bag when not in use. These bags pack away into small bags and are easier to store or particularly convenient for times when you are planning to carry an extra bag to bring back stuff from the journey. 

These bags come with a large access opening and a strong handle that can be converted into a harness. These sports bags in nz are perfect for a weekend getaway or a multi-activity trip. They are built to carry a significant amount of weight and can serve the purpose of efficient luggage packing while travelling. 

Trolley duffle bags:

Trolley duffle bags are a great option to travel with, as when you get tired of carrying the bags, you can simply wheel them. The trolley duffel bags, much like a carry on suitcase in nz are versatile enough as they can be carried in both ways and are durable with stable wheel and handle systems. 

Our collection of duffle bags is sourced from the bests and is made to serve you with a pleasant travelling experience. Check out our website and shop for duffle bags.


Owing to the size and versatility of duffle bags, they can be infinitely used for camping and other outdoorsy adventures. Unlike other hard travel bags, these are manufactured with flexible and durable materials that provide sufficient space to accommodate varied outdoor stay essentials. The soft design of duffle bags in NZ makes them ideal for holding plenty of oddly-sized gear.
A duffle bag is suitable for varied outdoor activities and travel. Most premium quality duffle bags in NZ have removable padded backpack straps making them easier and more convenient to carry. While on an outdoor adventure, you can always count duffle bags as a mobile closet for all your gear.
At Dwights, we have a premium collection of duffle bags in NZ, crafted from durable fabric and designed with appropriate organisational features to ensure a hassle-free travel experience. Some of the premium brands of duffle bags include Tatonka, Rab Escape, Overboard Prosports, etc. that you can shop from.
Yes, of course! Most duffle bags in NZ are equipped with good-quality zippers and locking sliders that assure adequate security. Also, these bags have multiple chambers and zipped pockets for storing valuable items. The duffle bags are made of highly durable and waterproof materials that offer full protection against dirt, water, and sand while giving easy access to the gear through a wide opening.
Since duffle bag in NZ serves varied purposes, they are available in various capacities suitable for different travels. The most popular types of duffle bags include backpacks, trolleys, packable duffle bags, and a weekender bag in nz, each perfect for specific outdoor adventures. You can check out the features of these duffle bags and pick the best one for yourself.
Some of our duffle bags are fully waterproof, specifically those from the Overboard range. Besides this, however, all of the Rab & Tatonka options are water resistant but not submergible. This means many of our customers regularly use the waterproof backpack in nz on the back of motorbikes & boats, with great success & no water leakage whilst ensuring they aren’t submerged.