When it comes to reliable and efficient outdoor lighting, Coleman Lanterns are a trusted choice for outdoor enthusiasts across New Zealand. At Dwight's, we offer an extensive range of Coleman Lanterns designed to brighten up your camping trips, hiking excursions, and nighttime adventures. With their powerful illumination and durable construction, Coleman Lanterns are a must-have companion for any outdoor enthusiast.

Outdoor Lanterns NZ: Best Option for Camping Site Illumination 

A camping light or lantern can be used for a variety of purposes, especially when you are out in the wild. While many may consider them to be unnecessary extravagances since headlamps and torches are already a part of a camper’s backpack, the fact is that their 360-degree lighting ability makes them an essential item to be on every camping checklist.  

Check out our expansive collection of quality camping lanterns such as solar lights in NZ that can keep your camp lighted all night! 

Reasons To Carry a Camping Lantern on Outdoor Adventures

  • Ambiance Enhancement: 

    Although headlamps and flashlights are excellent tools to navigate to and around your campsite in the dark, their piercing brightness can distract the mood of the environment. Camping lanterns, on the other hand, have proven to be much easier on the eyes, creating a soft, warm, gentle, and discreet glow in every campsite setting. Some models even incorporate a red-light mode that helps in keeping the camp lit without blowing the night vision. 
  • 360-Degree Lighting: 

    Camping lanterns offer a more diffuse glow in a campsite setting. So, if you are looking for a decent outdoor light that can illuminate every square foot of your camping tent, look no further than our quality outdoor camping lantern! 
  • Hand & Head-Free Lighting: 

    Perhaps you may choose to illuminate your campsite with a flashlight. But, it is rarely a practical lighting option for camping activities like tent pitching, cooking, cracking open a can, etc., that require the involvement of both hands. Even using a headlamp inside a tent can cause hassles like the headlamp’s beam being blocked by the fabric of the tent canopy. So, what would be the ideal lighting option for outdoor adventures? A camping lanterns! It is a hand and head-free lighting medium that can be used for all sorts of camping activities.

Our Best-Selling Camping Lantern in NZ

  • Ledlenser ML4 300 Lumen:

    It is an ultralight, compact lantern that comes with a rechargeable charging system, micro prism technology, red light, transport lock, and many other advanced features. 
  • OZTrail Ignite 1000L: 

    It is a rechargeable light incorporating features like multiple ultra-bright LEDs, 5 adjustable brightness settings, and a 3W RMS Bluetooth speaker. 
  • Luci Colour Inflatable Lantern:

    It is a lightweight, waterproof, and completely solar camping lantern that features 8 brilliant hues & color cycle modes, a battery level indicator, and high-efficiency solar panels.


A camping lantern can stay lit for multiple hours, depending on the brightness and internal battery size of each lantern. Battery life is one of the key considerations when purchasing a lantern and is always one of the key specifications to look out for.
The most important factors to consider in an outdoor lantern are the power source and lumen output. Apart from that, you should decide on the physical size, weight, and features that can best fit your camping or hiking requirements. We offer premium-quality outdoor lanterns in NZ! Buy now!
Gas lanterns burn fuel to produce heat. Basically, they use mantles instead of limestone blocks since mantles are efficient in producing light from the heat they receive.
Camping lights incorporating 200 – 500 Lumens and a dimmer switch can be considered ideal outdoor lanterns in NZ to illuminate the ambiance of a campsite setting.
Ideally, selecting the type of camping lantern depends on the weight, size, casing, usability, the timespan of usage, and the type of camping trip.