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Inflatable Tent NZ: Making your Camping Experience Easier and More Convenient

Are you tired of getting tied up in a knot with the poles of a tent? Consider investing in an inflatable tent! Since they come with inflatable poles, integrated right into the body of the tents, they can be quickly pitched & taken down faster than tents with poles. With inflatable tents, you would no longer need to take the pain & hassles of erecting standard tents that come with meters-long unwieldy poles.

Despite being air-filled, inflatable tents or air tents in NZ are sturdy & reliable! The guy ropes and pegs incorporated in these tents keep them secured to the ground, even in most adverse weather conditions. So, if you want to make your life easier during a venturesome trip, go for these robust yet great value tents!

Here at Dwights, we have an exclusive range of blow-up tents including Enterprise Tent Range, which will make you feel at home in nature. Check out our world-class collection of air tents to pick one that suits your requirement!

Tents Range At Dwights

Dwight’s air tents are perfect for people looking for lots of space and luxury. Being in the business of manufacturing tents for over 40 years, we are deeply committed to delivering the best quality inflatable tents in NZ. Our entire range of air tents is manufactured using Waterproof & UV-treated fabrics to make the camping experience superbly comfortable.

Some of our best-selling blow-up tents include:

  • Enterprise 2 Inflatable Airtent:

    It is one of Dwight’s finest tent products, offering spacious accommodation for up to 8 people. This easy-to-set 3-room tent can be inflated to create 2 bedrooms and a large living area. For enhanced ventilation, the bedroom incorporates adequate vents.
  • Enterprise 2 Footprint/Groundsheet:

    Wears & tears in camping tents are common. But, what if this can be avoided? Want to protect your tent floor from small holes or tears? Go for Dwight’s Enterprise 2 Footprint/Groundsheet! It will be a valuable addition to your camping kit.

To check out the other models of Dwight’s inflatable tents, keep browsing this page!

Whether you need a small inflatable tent for 3-4 people or a large one for 8-9 people, we have got you! Get in touch to discover the latest offers & discounts on Dwight’s products - the best inflatable tents in NZ!

Your camping holiday should be relaxing and stress-free. Our inflatable air tents NZ will ensure it gets off to the best possible start so check them out then get in touch.


An inflatable tent is a tent supported by air tubes, that have replaced conventional steel or plastic rods. The introduction of inflatable tents with air-filled tubes has come to eliminate the use of heavy tent poles and are yet stout and absolutely safe to use.
Air tents in nz are popular for their ease of use. They can be easily pitched and taken down in comparison to traditional tents with poles. They have air poles so there are significantly less chance of breaking the poles, and from our experience they are significantly stronger than traditional fibreglass pole tents.
Although, both inflatable tents and conventional tents serve the same purpose but they are slightly different based on their use and built. The conventional tents are made of canvas and poles, made of either steel or plastic. Whereas, inflatable or air tent in nz use air-filled poles. The Enterprise Inflatable tents are easier to pitch than the former conventional tents.
The inflatable tents offer surprisingly good resistance to windy weather. They are strongly built and are able to withstand most weather conditions. Our inflatable tents also use waterproof and UV rated materials, which will keep you dry in the rain, and protect you from the harsh rays of the sun.
These are modern, technologically upgraded and hassle-free camping solutions. It is easy to set up and carry and thus eliminates the hours of struggle that one undergoes while setting up a tent. Moreover, they are available in various sizes and serve a multitude of purposes while camping. Blow up tents are stronger than our fibreglass tent pole range.