Inflatable Air Tents


    Premium inflatable air tents showcasing all that's best in Dwights Outdoors tents.

    This Range enables extremely quick and easy pitching to maximise your relaxation time whilst enjoying the great outdoors. Whether you're camping solo with the kids or simply want to get your holiday off on the right foot this range offers superb accommodation made to our usual high specifications.

    Camping should bring you closer to nature and help you relax. But for many Kiwis, their outdoor experience begins on a stressful note as they struggle to pitch their tent. Don’t let that happen to you. Check out this straightforward solution from Dwights Outdoors. 

    You’re looking at one of the finest ranges of inflatable tents in NZ. You’re also looking at a fast, simple and hassle-free way to pitch a tent and maximise your relaxation time while enjoying the great outdoors that’s right on your doorstep. 

    Our range of premium inflatable air tents showcase all that's best in Dwights Outdoors tents. They offer superbly comfortable and spacious accommodation, made to our usual high specifications and from the best materials. The great advantage with one of our air tents is you don’t have to be an experienced camper to put one up. Far from it! They’re incredibly easy for anyone to inflate and set up. Before you know it, you have an outdoor home away from home. 

    Whether you're camping solo with the kids or simply want to get your holiday off on the right foot, take a closer look at our range. We think they’re the best air tents in NZ, and we make them even better with our handy accessories including awnings, footprints and replacement air poles and air tubes. 

    Your camping holiday should be relaxing and stress-free.  Our inflatable air tents will ensure it gets off to the best possible start so check them out then get in touch

    6 products

    6 products

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    Enterprise 1 Inflatable Air Tent
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    Enterprise 2 Footprint
    Replacement Airpole for Enterprise Tents - SHORT
    Replacement Airtube for Enterprise Tents - LONG