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Backpacks in New Zealand: Your Perfect Travel Companion

Travel backpacks in NZ are synonymous with freedom and practicality, especially when heading out for a hiking adventure. These backpacks come in a variety of styles that are designed with compartments that make packing tidy and convenient for hikers.

 Unlike regular backpacks, hiking backpacks are designed exclusively for hiking and travel purposes that make walking uneven paths or natural trails easier. Typically, these bags are compact in size, lightweight, and sufficiently spacious for multi-day adventures in the outdoors.

Shop for The Best Quality Travel Backpacks in New Zealand

Dwight’s collection of backpacks is a treat for adventure lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Available in a wide variety of color and style options, these adapt to the traveler’s body shape and allow them to walk comfortably without straining their backs. The straps of these bags bring the comfort and safety factor, making them the perfect travel partner.

 Here, we have the best quality back packs in NZ from leading brands like Tatonka, Lowe Alpine, Deuter, etc. A perfect blend of practicality and urban style, order your backpack for the next adventure today!


Lowe Alpine is the best brand for back packs in NZ owing to its concise and convenient structure. This brand offer variety of spanking backpacks that are lightweight, easy to carry, and have compartments in all the right places. The Lowe Alpine backpacks are lightweight and extra spacious, which works well for overnight trips. However, if you’re looking for a backpack for longer trails, you can explore backpacks from other brands like Lowe Alpine, Deuter, Tatonka etc.
At present, brands like Lowe Alpine and Deuter are making great travel backpacks in NZ that are ideal for seasoned and first-time campers. Here, you can shop from the most popular backpack collections that suit your needs and budget. For example, the Lowe Alpine Manaslu 55-70 has an insanely comfortable carrying system that guarantees efficient flexibility, easy use, and comfort. Also, it comes with height-adjustable chest belts and rain cover, making them one of the bestsellers in the category.