Mens Shorts

Mens shorts: Style & Comfort Redefined 

While gearing up for a hiking or camping trip, the first few essentials that come to mind are shelter, food, footwear, and of course, clothing. Missing out on any of these can make your trip uncomfortable. So, while shopping for the perfect clothes for your next adventure, don’t forget to pack a pair of mens shorts in NZ. 

Your outfit for such outdoor trips should be all about style, comfort, and protection. Apart from being lightweight, easy to clean, and breathable, these mens shorts are extremely durable and boast functional storage. They are designed to take a beating on the trail and campsite while lasting you multiple seasons of use. 

Why pick men’s shorts in New Zealand for your next adventure trip 

For a comfortable trek or camping experience, the two most common clothing options are shorts and pants. While they both make for the perfect outdoor outfit, here’s why you should go for trendy picks like the mens cargo shorts. 

  • Lightweight: Unlike other lowers, mens shorts are lightweight and allow relaxed movements.
  • Breathability: These shorts are highly breathable and good at wicking moisture. Since the trails can be unpredictable, it’s good to wear clothes that are easy to clean and will dry up faster.
  • Multiple pockets: Mens shorts often come with multiple pockets that help hikers carry little stuff like munchies, cameras, phones, etc.

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A staple of warm weather clothing, mens shorts in NZ are available in a variety of styles including running shorts, tennis shorts, pleated shorts, Bermuda shorts, etc. These shorts give the ultimate comfort and freedom to move while hiking or camping outdoors. For example, running shorts are ideal for outside activities and physical activities. On the other hand, pleated shorts are perfect for semi-formal events. All these look good on men when they are paired rightly.
Regardless of which style of shorts you choose, it’s essential to stick to the rule of thumb i.e. your shorts must end approx. two inches above the kneecap. This length is ideal for men who want both comfort and styling. Generally, this length is a sweet spot for men and doesn’t make their legs too prominent.
Typically, 5 to 7-inch inseam shorts are the most perfect shorts length for men between 5’5 to 6’1 in height. Approximately 2 inches above the kneecap is attractive for those who want to wear shorts but are uncomfortable wearing the shorts short. However, the length suitability may differ from person to person depending on their body type and style preferences.
Yes, men’s shorts have made their way to summer fashion and are picked up by many influencers and public personalities. Besides being absolutely comfortable, these shorts are trendy picks that make for ideal casual apparel. For instance, pairing a white mens shorts with a floral shirt or t-shirt can be your perfect beach outfit.