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Whether you want to do a sunny Sunday stroll through the city streets, a light hike on a nature trail, or a more strenuous trek over challenging alpine terrain, then our range of Rab clothing, jacket or sleeping bag for you. In fact, we sell the largest range of Rab gear in NZ.

Rab products including rab sleeping bags all have one very important thing in common: unrivalled quality. They’re worth every dollar thanks to outstanding design, premium materials, and superior manufacturing. When you combine all these things, you enjoy comfort, stability, flexibility and durability with every step. 

Rab Clothing: What is it?

Rab clothing brings the best in outdoor clothing, best known for its rugged, high-quality mountain clothing. Of late, rab in NZ is highly in demand among Campers and other adventurers who enjoy wandering in the wild.

The clothing range created by rab is engineered to be high in comfort, style and protection. Rab jackets provide unparalleled warmth and protection in cold and unpredictable climates. From lightweight insulated jackets to durable waterproof shells, our selection covers a wide range of outdoor activities, ensuring you're prepared for any weather conditions Mother Nature throws your way. The down jackets in nz are perfect for the most hostile climatic conditions. A piece of rab clothing in nz is the best outfit for any adventurous outdoor activity like hiking, mountaineering, or camping gear.

Rab manufactures the best outdoor outfits by using premium quality materials that offer warmth and comfort to the wearer and keep them dry. Rab uses fluorocarbon-free water treatment for its clothing range to reduce the water saturation of the product.

The Extensive Clothing Range from Rab:

Over time, Rab has crafted an extensive range of clothing and outdoor equipment that can be a great option for travellers and adventurers. The latest collection of rab clothing in nz includes insulated long raincoat in nz, men’s and women’s clothing, tights, leggings, tees, vests, hoodies, boxers, pants, etc. And the collection of rab equipment includes sleeping bags, shelters, and backpacks.

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For the best outdoor clothing and down jackets in New Zealand, and the best possible fit, check out our range of Rab products in-store or online. We have something that you’ll love to wear every step of the way. just contact us


Climbing innovator and adventurer Rab Carrington set up the clothing and equipment company in the year 1981 to celebrate his passion for outdoor activities. His goal was to create an honest and rugged climbing kit that could perform efficiently. It was he who named the company after himself and it came to be known as rab.
The clothing and equipment range from rab is budget friendly but also provides the required protection, style and warmth for any outdoor activity. They are the best in the market and the rab in nz is the most recommended piece of equipment or clothing for any outdoor endeavours.
Rab clothing is popular for its durability and high quality and so can last for years with proper care and storage. It is believed that with minimal use it can last up to 40 years, however, with more regular use it will serve the purpose for around 5 years.
Rab clothing in nz comes with hydrophobic Nik wax treatment that is instrumental in repelling water for a longer time. Thus it can offer a significant amount of time to run and figure out a cover for the rain.