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Are you hiking with wide feet? Do you face trouble getting the right pair of hiking boots? Do you need to deal with troubles such as blisters, bunions, etc. due to wrong-fitting shoes?

Dwights brings the perfect solution to your hiking hitch with a collection of wide fit boots in nz. We have assembled some of the best available wide fit boots in nz that can accommodate wide feet and offer comfort and support during activities.

Treat Your Feet with Our Wide Fit Boots In NZ

We understand the trouble that wide feet people go through without properly fitted shoes. An ill-fitted shoe can lead to some complications such as blisters, some sort of physical deformities like bunions, corn and calluses, hammer toes, etc. and can also hurt the ankles.

When it comes to tramping boots, durability is key. Our IDE boots are constructed using premium-grade materials that are built to withstand the toughest conditions. From rugged leather uppers to reinforced toe caps and sturdy outsoles, these boots are designed to take on the demanding terrains of New Zealand, providing long-lasting performance and protection for your feet.

We sell Asolo wide fit boots in nz, specifically designed for hiking or other outdoor activities for people with wide feet. Our shoes are designed to provide ample amount of space for the feet and so they are less likely to be squeezed into unnatural shapes.

The Asolo wide fit boots in nz, are made of full-grain leather and have shock absorbers incorporated into the outsoles. The multiple shock absorbers protect the feet and the ankle from the impact of high-intensity activities. They are comfortable and offer much-needed support to the feet while outdoor endeavours like hiking, walking, trekking, etc.

Check out our collection of wide fit boots in nz, and shop for boots that allow your feet to breathe.


Wide Fit boots are nothing but wider versions of standard-sized shoes that come with a toe box and a wider forefoot width to accommodate a wider foot. So, if you have a wider foot and planning to go hiking on the toughest terrains of NZ, you can buy shoes for wide feet in NZ. Go for Wide Fit boots in NZ for a comfortable hiking experience.
The ideal Wide Fit boots for NZ mountains - Asolo boots are made up of water-resistant suede leather combined with on some occasions, membranes and outsoles. While the membrane is waterproof and breathable to provide comfort all day, the outsole incorporates self-cleaning lugs for optimum performance on different types of terrains.
The brand, Asolo was first established by Giancarlo Tanzi in Italy. However, it was later taken over by the Zanatta family which opened its first Asolo mountain boots production factory in Sibiu, Romania. Today, the entire manufacturing process of Asolo Wide Fit boots, Asolo hunting boots, etc. is done in Europe, in its own factories.
Since Asolo is an Italian brand, most hikers or campers think Asolo boots may have a narrow fitting. However, the fact is Asolo boots only come in a wide fit in NZ. Their sizes are all wide fit shoes in NZ. Shop Asolo Wide Fit boots in NZ from our wide selection of styles!
Yes, Asolo hiking boots are made up of water-resistant suede leather and high-tenacity nylon material that offer extra protection and comfort while hiking on the tough and uneven terrains of NZ. Asolo wide fit 520 boots not only guarantee waterproofness but also enhanced breathability. Browse our range of Asolo Wide Fit boots in NZ to pick the ideal one!