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Hiking Stove: Sorting Your Cooking Endeavours in The Outdoors 

Food is undoubtedly one of the major concerns when in an outdoor activity. You cannot entirely depend on the snacks or dry food items for the whole trip. And when the trip is an extended one with family and friends, stocking up on ready-to-eat foods is never going to be enough. A camping gas stove is what will the perfect solution for your food and cooking. 

Shopping for a portable stove and cookware in NZ before your start the camping season is a profitable deal. Whether you are planning to stir a soup or cook eggs, or even heat ready-to-eat food, the camping stove in NZ can be your ultimate mate in a camp kitchen. 

Dwights Outdoor is a specialised store in terms of outdoor gear and thus have hand-picked the most essential products that make your camping experience comfortable and sorted. Shop for portable gas stove in NZ from us for the most convenient and delicious camping endeavour. 

Camp Oven In New Zealand: A Must-Have For Your Tent Camp Kitchens 

While travelling into the wilds you cannot always depend on makeshift cooking arrangements. Although these might appear comparatively cheaper alternative but is inconvenient and can be environmentally degrading. On the other hand, opting for a gas cooker in NZ can be the best way out for cooking in a camping endeavour. 

Dwights brings you the widest range of camp cooking equipment and cookware to shop from. Make your camping experience a healthy and fulfilling one by shopping for the best portable oven in New Zealand. 

Looking for a jet boiler in NZ? We got you covered. Jet boilers are the perfect cooking solutions for backpackers, they are easy to set and can achieve rapid boils in minutes. Or shop for a rocket stove in New Zealand for burning firewood for generating heat in cold places. 

Rocket stoves are known for their exceptional efficiency, and our collection at Dwight's is no exception.  Our rocket stoves ensure a clean and smoke-free cooking environment. This innovative feature not only reduces environmental impact but also provides a healthier cooking experience for you and your loved ones.

We have the widest collection of camp kitchen requirements right from camping gas to induction cookware that is most convenient to use.


A hiking or camping stove helps to stir a meal while being in the wild. From boiling water or heating Dehydrated foods to cooking a simple breakfast, these stoves are a great help for those who do not plan to compromise on taste or quality while camping or hiking. Opting for a lightweight camping stove can be helpful as it is designed to remain functional even in the most terrible weather.
The rocket stoves produce complete combustion which means most of the chemical compounds are burned instead of producing smoke. Thus, these are one of the cleanliest options for camping stoves other than induction cookware.
Most camping ovens use propane, butane, or a mixture of the two gases for producing fire. The major difference between the two gases is the temperature in which they operate and their boiling points.
New Zealand is known for its popular camping and hiking activities and so many stores sell camping stoves. But when you are considering the best quality and instalment-based payment options, Dwights Outdoor is the best place for you. They are renowned for selling all sorts of camping solutions under the same roof.