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For warmth, comfort and ease of mobility while you’re hunting, check out what we can offer you. Our hunting store has one of the best ranges of high-quality hunting clothes in NZ, so if you’re serious about what you do, we have a selection of packs, boots and clothing that’s just as serious. 

Why Invest in Products At Our Hunting Shop?

For the best hunting experience, you need the best hunting gear, and that’s why we insist on supplying world-class products from leading brands like Ridgeline, Markhor and Tatonka. There’s no room for cheap and nasty stuff in our hunting shop. That’s because your hunting adventures will take you into some isolated and remote places, and the last thing you need is for your gear to let you down when you’re in the middle of nowhere. That will not only dampen your enjoyment, but it could even compromise your safety. You need hunting gear that’s well-made, durable and strong enough to handle all sorts of conditions and that’s why you should invest in our premium packs, boots and clothing.

Combined with other products from our range, like tents, cooking equipment, dehydrated meals, safety and first aid, and camping accessories, Dwight’s Outdoors hunting store can set you up for safe and enjoyable hunting. Contact us, tell us what you need, and get yourself properly equipped before you head into the outdoors.


The clothing for a hunting expedition requires taking the climate and weather into consideration. Most hunters wear Camo pants and waterproof jackets along with appropriate hunting boots. A hunter needs to be properly covered to avoid getting wet or cold. It is equally important to avoid clothes that cause too much perspiration.
Jackets, camouflaged pants, and durable boots are the most important clothing to consider when you are going on a hunting trip. New Zealand has some excellent mountain hunting spots and at Dwights, you are guaranteed to get the best hunting jacket in NZ.
Hunters often have to spend weeks in harsh winters. Therefore, it is necessary to have sufficient insulation in the hunting gear. The hunters usually wear jackets, bodywarmers, and thick woolly socks to protect the toes from frostbite.
Yes, people do wash hunting clothing in nz. The upper layers like shirts and trousers are regularly washed along with the undergarments to prevent odor and discoloring. However many hunters use disposable bodywarmers, especially during winter.