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Lowe Alpine: A brief history of its creation

Created by climber Greg Lowe in 1967, Lowe Alpine brings a range of backpacks specifically designed for outdoor activities. Greg Lowe and his brother Jeff Lowe were advocates of the Alpine style of climbing and it was from their love and dedication to climbing activities that they created something unique. 

With a far-sighted vision and willingness to create something different, the Lowe brothers designed an innovative internally framed backpack. They started the product which underwent several innovations in design, style and functionality to make lowe alpine a popular name in the backpack market. Today, Lowe Alpine is a renowned name for manufacturing outdoor equipment.

Dwights brings out a huge collection of Lowe alpine backewacks that are ideal for your hiking or mountaineering endeavours.

Why are Lowe Alpine backpacks unique?

Dwights Outdoor is vowed to bring the best in outdoor equipment to its active New Zealand customers. We have handpicked the most functional and feature-loaded quality backpacks from Lowe Alpine for you to purchase.

Lowe Alpine backpacks are designed for a robust and versatile backpacking experience in unusual terrains. From being comfortable and durable, these backpacks are light-weighted, thus making the perfect luggage solution for days of travelling in the wilds.

These bags are made to carry a decent load but without any discomfort, the straps are built to offer maximum support to the shoulders so that you do not end up injuring or stressing yourself.


The lowe alpine packs are renowned for their innovative and quality designs. Their packs offer the perfect luggage solution for hikers, climbers, and mountaineers.
The sturdy design of the lowe alpine backpacks that provides the best performance and offers comfort is an innovative initiative altogether. Keeping up with the creative initiative of its creators, these bags are no doubt the best thing in the market.
The ND found on many lowe alpine packs means Nanda Devi, which is a mountain peak in India. The ND range of Lowe Alpine packs is made for women hikers and climbers.
Noted Mountain climber, Academy Award-nominated cinematographer, and photographer Gregg Lowe founded the Lowe Alpine brand along with his brother and fellow climbers Jeff and Mike Lowe. The brand manufactures quality outdoor equipment.