Goldair 15 Metre RCD Power Cord

Goldair 15 Metre RCD Power Cord

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Goldair 15 Metre RCD Power Cord

15 Metre Power Cord.
Easy to test 
Tripping Current 30mA 
Unit only becomes operational after the reset button is pressed
Recommended for domestic & light commercial use 
Suitable for most portable Electrical Appliances & Power Tool

3C 1.5mm² power cord 
10 Amps
Complies with Australia and New Zealand Safety Standard.

Having access to power will obviously make outdoor living much more comfortable and enjoyable. However, we’ve come across many situations where people endanger their own lives, and the lives of those around them, by using power leads that are not designed for camping purposes. They’re extremely dangerous as a result, and that is why we urge you to play it safe with this campsite power lead.   

You can power up your campsite or caravan, and do it safely, with Goldair’s 15-metre camping power lead. This lead has been specially designed and manufactured for optimum functionality and safety in outdoor conditions. The heavy-duty power cord combines with an RCD safety switch to protect against a potentially-fatal electric shock when operating electrical appliances while you’re camping. 

The safety switch is simply brilliant. It’s an electronic sensing device that constantly monitors the balance of electrical current flow within the appliance. If your body contacts a live part of the appliance, this is sensed by the safety switch and it automatically cuts off the power supply. The shut off occurs within 30 milliseconds to minimise the effect that an electric shock can cause, and it only becomes operational again after you press the reset button. 

If you want to add a touch of comfort to your next camping experience, then this power lead should be an essential part of your equipment.