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Moroccan Tagine
Chickpeas, pearl couscous and baby carrots spiced with ginger and turmeric, and a touch of honey for sweetness.

Cooking Instructions: Add 300ml (1.2 cups) of boiling water, mix thoroughly (30 seconds), reseal, wait until rehydrated (10 mins). Enjoy immediately.

Couscous [Durum wheat semolina, water], Chickpeas [chickpeas, water, salt], Vegetable oil (contains egg and gluten containing cereals), Raisins [raisins, sunflower oil], Baby carrots, Onion, Salt, Crushed garlic [Garlic, salt, water, acidity regulators (260, 330), preservative (202)], Honey, Parsley, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Black pepper, Ginger paste [Ginger, water, sugar, acidity regulator (330), stabiliser (415), preservatives (202, 211)], Chilli powder.
Contains: Egg, Gluten, Gluten containing cereals, Wheat.
May contain Milk, Peanuts, Sesame, Soy, Tree Nuts. This product may contain propolis which can cause severe allergic reactions in sensative people. It may also contain plant sterols.

Servings Per Pack: 1            Serving Size: 400g
  Avg Quantity Avg Quantity
  per Serving per 100g
Energy 1950 kJ 489 kJ
Protein 14.0g 3.5g
Fat, total 13.3g 3.3g
     - Saturated  2.7g <1g
Carbohydrate 72.8g 18.2g
     - Sugars  17.7g 4.4g
Sodium 919mg 230mg
Made in New Zealand from local and imported ingredients.


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