Katadyn Vario Filter

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Perfect for a small group, the award winning Katadyn Vario is a powerful water pump and filtration system in a small, lightweight package. This variable filter offers you the choice of two filtration methods depending on how dirty the water you are trying to make drinkable is.

If the water is very dirty, you can direct the water first through a ceramic prefilter disc, then through the glass fibre filter to eliminate bacteria, protozoa, cysts, algae, spores and sediments. This ‘Longer Life’ mode means the glass fibre filter will last for longer and pumps water at the rate of 1L per minute with minimal pump resistance.

If the water is cleaner and you want a higher output, you can simply use the Faster Flow mode and just use the glass fibre filter, which filters water at a quicker rate of 2L per minute.

The taste and odour of the water is also improved thanks to replaceable activated carbon granules.

Dual piston mechanism provides continuous water flow with minimal effort, the rubber base, secure stand and an integrated bottle thread fits directly on wide mouth bottles.

Filter total capacity of 2000L, depending on the water quality.

Replacement filters are sold separately.


  • The most rugged microfilter on the market
  • Exclusive silver impregnated ceramic cartridge
  • Proven in challenging conditions worldwide
  • Removes bacteria, giardia and cryptosporidium


Technology Cleanable ceramic disc, 0.2 micron pleated glass fibre microfilter
Output up to 2L/min
Filter capacity Up to 2000L depending on water quality
Weight 425g
Dimensions 16cm x Ø 10cm
Includes Prefilter, bottle clip and carry bag

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