HydraPak Pocketflask 500ml

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The lightweight PocketFlask™ is designed to be tucked away in running belts and packs. Its soft material conforms to most pockets and shrinks as you drink to minimise water movement. The twist lock cap closes tightly to keep your water in your flask while in motion.
  • Vest Pack FitIdeal size for hydration vest, belt, or pack pockets
  • Locking CapLeakproof 42 mm twist locking cap
  • CompactSoft material conforms to most pockets for a comfortable carrying experience
  • CompressibleShrinks as you drink using a high-?ow, self-sealing bite valve, reducing water movement
  • AdaptableCompatible with 42mm threaded backcountry water ?lters including the HydraPak 42mm Filter Cap
  • ConstructionMade of ultra-durable, abrasion-resistant TPU & RF welded seams for superior durability and elasticity. 100% BPA & PVC free, wide working temperature range (can be frozen - max temp 60° C / 140° F)

Capacity 500ml / 17 fl oz
Weight 37.8g / 1.3 oz
Diameter 90 mm x 250 mm
Material TPU.

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