Gear Aid - Tenacious Tape™ GORE-TEX Fabric Patches

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Tenacious Tape GORE-TEX Fabric Patches

Patch a hole or tear in GORE-TEX jackets, raincoats, ski pants, and gloves with these black peel-and-stick patches made of authentic GORE-TEX fabric.
    • Durable – These patches are made of authentic GORE-TEX material for all-weather protection to rain jackets, ski pants, gloves, gaiters, or waders
    • Powerful – Strong tape with ultra-aggressive adhesive provides maximum hold to quickly patch holes or small tears at home or in the field
    • Peel-and-Stick – Patch all types of GORE-TEX gear with this fabric patch that comes in two sizes (2.5" x 2.8" hexagon and 2.5" x 4" rectangle)
    • Fast Fix – No sewing skills required; simply remove the backing and apply with pressure or low heat
    • Washable  The strong patch bonds to outdoor fabrics and materials and will not peel off even when washed
    • Made in USA

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