Bushnell Trail Cam Security Box

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Trail camera security boxes are vital to protecting your Bushnell CORE SD trail cameras from human tampering or theft, and from damage by natural causes like fallen trees. Each box is constructed from heavy-duty powder-coated steel for maximum durability with minimal shine or reflections, so it stands up to the elements without catching the attention of humans or animals. Access holes are perfectly placed to allow easy mounting with your cable and lock and quick access to ports for accessories. Whether your trail cameras are placed close by or deep in the bush, your investment deserves the easy and affordable protection of Bushnell security boxes.

  • Powder-Coated Steel Construction
  • Helps Deter Theft, Tampering, and Damage to Trail Camera
  • Protects From Wildlife
  • Helps deter theft, tampering, and damage to trail camera
  • Protects from wildlife
  • Straps, Anchors, or Locks easily to trees/surfaces
  • Powder-coated finish prevents shine and helps protect from rust
  • Ports for mounting to trees and running power accessories
  • Python cable lock and padlock compatible
  • Fits All CORE DS-4K, CORE S-4K, and Prime series models
  • SD Box comes with a bracket for a snug fit on the CORE SD series.

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