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Tatonka: Creating Innovative Backpacking Solutions

Tatonka packs are a renowned name in the backpacking market, known for the quality products that they created over time. They are globally recognised for making durable backpacks that are best fit for any outdoor activity.

Dwights brings its customers an extensive collection of tatonka packs in NZ, which is the perfect luggage solution for hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities. Unlike other backpacks, the tatonka bags in NZ are capable of carrying a decent load that can be carried comfortably. These bags have practical features that make them the best choice for any outdoor endeavour.

Our Tatonka collection

Dwights Outdoor has always prioritised the customers and has brought some of the best products from the global market. We understand the need for decent and quality products and thus have handpicked the best for your hiking and camping activities.

Tatonka is a german brand that vowed to bring the best workmanship and manufacture standard products. From hiking backpacks to hunting packs, Tatonka is popular in outdoor luggage essentials.

Available in different sizes, tatonka in NZ has crafted some of the most innovative and comfortable designs in the backpacking segment. Their flagship Bison RECOO is designed to be virtually bombproof and capable to carry 25 kgs of load comfortably with the X1 carrying system. The X1 carrying system was initially designed for the German military.

The Bison range is comfortable, durable, and made to withstand the extremes of the weather outdoors. The Bison range was created with the idea of nature, wilderness, and freedom for all those who love their time wandering into the wilds. The Bison range of tatonka bags in NZ is equipped with RECCO reflectors that are helpful during rescue situations.

The tatonka hunting packs are specifically designed for stalking conditions and are equipped with essential features. These packs are spacious enough to carry the loads during meat harvesting trips.


Tatonka is a German brand that manufactures high-quality luggage and travel products. They are experts in this segment and know how to create functional and aesthetical practical luggage solutions.
You can purchase tatonka packs in NZ from Dwights Outdoors. Dwights have some of the best products from Tatonka that can be a great option for camping, hunting or hiking activities.
The backpacks, rucksacks, and packs are measured in litres. They are available from 20 litres to around 90 litres, so you can opt for the one that best fits your requirement.
The Tatonka Sleath hunting pack 35+10 litres is preferably the best hunting bag. It is specifically designed for hunters with all essential features and decent front pockets to carry important gear. This bag is designed to store meat and other hunting essentials.