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Crispi Boots in NZ: A Hiker Essential 

CRISPI is today a rare example of a perfect balance between TECHNOLOGY and TRADITION. Still made in Italy to this day, they are well regarded as one of the best hiking boot brands in the world.  

With world famous models like the Crispi Nevada Legend GTX Boot & The Crispi Summit GTX Boot, any serious outdoorsman or hiker needs to serious considered the Crispi range

So, what makes these Crispi leather boots in NZ a popular choice for trekking, or hiking? 

Crispi boots are ideal for extreme sports and outdoor activities owing to their Vibram soles, Gore-tex insulation, and ankle support system. Being a camping or trekking enthusiast, a high quality pair of boots is essential in your travel gear. A good-quality pair of shoes on an outdoor adventure is all you need for comfort and exploring nature at its best. 

Are Crispi Boots NZ worth it? 

Crispi boots are one of a kind and the brand is well-known for delivering premium quality products over the years. They offer a wide range of boots aligned to specific requirements per outdoor activities. You can shop from a bunch of boots made for different uses. 

Moreover, besides the variety of options, there’s no compromise when it comes to quality and comfort. Whatever your pick, you can rest assured of value for money while buying Crispi boots in NZ. Most of their hiking shoes have an upper sole made of full-grain leather that is much more durable and stronger than regular leather boots in NZ. 

Another key feature of Crispi boots that makes them a valuable purchase is the gore-tex waterproof membrane that is placed inside the soles and repels water. The gore-tex membrane is a breathable and waterproof fabric that does not let water inside the shoes making them dry and comfortable for the wearer.  

Trekking and camping in extremely low temperatures can be challenging but with the right pair of shoes, this issue is fixed to a great extent. A major highlight of Crispi boots is the ABSS (ankle bone support system) that ensures excellent sprain protection while jumping or climbing. 

All in all, Crispi boots in NZ are all worth the money owing to their high quality and performance. Grab a pair of Crispi boots for practical, comfortable and stylish wear.

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Made by hand in Italy, Crispi Boots are designed for a wide range of outdoor activities such as hiking, trekking, mountaineering, climbing, etc. It makes some of the best hunting boots in NZ. A perfect balance between technology and tradition, Crispi boots in NZ are one of the best hunting and hiking boots available in the global market.
With most models being made with high-quality full-grain leather and a nubuck upper, Crispi boots are some of the best Italian shoes in NZ are highly durable and last longer than other regular leather boots. These boots are tested throughout the world including the Himalayan Mountain Range, the Alps, etc., and exhibit premium quality and comfort.
Built and tested worldwide for premium quality and durability, Crispi boots in NZ have been manufactured in Italy over the last 40 years. These boots are made by hand while maintaining a perfect balance between technology and tradition.
Yes, they do! Crispi boots in NZ fit true to size and make for ideal comfort wear. Typically, Crispi hunting boots should neither be too loose nor too tight i.e. they should be close-fitting, tight nowhere. While looking for the ideal fit, make sure that the boots fit snugly around your instep and ankles. Crispi boots are renowned for their straight out-of-the-box comfort!
Most of the Crispi hiking boots in NZ have a gore-tex waterproof membrane placed inside the lining of the fabric making them highly resistant to water. This membrane is a breathable and waterproof fabric that repels water while making the boots dry and comfortable to wear.