Why Should I Use a Tent Footprint?

Camping trips are exciting, but they require a lot of gear. Getting the right equipment for your outdoor adventure is essential because it can make or break your vacation. We are probably not teaching you anything by saying you need a tent, a mattress, and a sleeping bag. But did you consider getting a tent footprint? Many forget to get this item despite its usefulness.

Read ahead to learn more about tent footprints, why you should get them, and what to consider when buying one. 

What is a tent footprint?

A tent footprint is a waterproof cloth you put between your tent and the ground. It comes in various fabrics, like polyethylene, oxford nylon, polyester, or cuben fiber.

Most tents do not come with a footprint, so you must buy it separately. The size you need to get depends on the size of your tent. Therefore, we highly recommend you buy your tent first or buy the two items at the same time.  

Reasons you should use a tent footprint

Some are hesitant to get a tent footprint because it is an added expense and an extra piece of luggage to carry. However, there are many reasons to get one:

Additional warmth

If you like to camp during the colder months, a tent footprint helps provide extra warmth. It does so by raising you above the ground and preventing heat loss. Since most of the heat is lost to the ground, you will be grateful for your footprint, especially on cold nights! 

Additional durability

Tents are expensive, so you want to protect them from damage, like cuts and abrasions. However, it is difficult, if not impossible, to find a spot without stones or twigs to lay down your tent. Using a footprint provides a protective layer between the ground and your tent, and you are less likely to damage it. They are the perfect way to protect your investment!

Reduces condensation

Condensation in your tent is never good because it can make it a pretty uncomfortable place to sleep. Tent footprints reduce condensation by repelling moisture from the ground downwards.

Provides a template to pitch your tent

We've all been there: you start pitching your tent only to realize it lays on top of a massive root, which means you have to start over. Footprints should be about the same size as your tent, so they can save you valuable time when picking a spot.

You can move the footprint around to see if your tent will fit or if it will be on top of things like rocks or roots. Once you have the perfect spot, you can start pitching your tent, knowing you won't have to move it.

Additional waterproofing

Waking up in a soaked tent has to be one of the most aggravating things that can happen when camping. Thankfully, tent footprints are an easy solution. They provide a double layer of protection against rain and wet ground, so you can sleep peacefully knowing your tent is better protected.

Faster pack away

Have you ever tried putting away a wet tent? It is time-consuming because you have to wipe the water and the mud before letting it dry to pack it. Tents stay cleaner when they are on top of a footprint, and you can put them away much faster.

The footprint itself is also easier to clean than the tent. You can wait until you are home to clean it thoroughly if you have a sack to keep your dirty footprint. 

Things to consider when buying a tent footprint

There are two main things to consider when purchasing a footprint. First, the size: it is best to select one slightly smaller than your tent to prevent the water from accumulating between the footprint and your tent.

The second thing to think about is fabric. Pick one that best fits your needs. For example, if you are going on a backpacking trip and need to carry the footprint on your back for long distances, choose a lighter material, like an oxford polyester. 

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