How to Select the Right Size Air Bed for Your Camping Needs

If you're about to embark on a camping trip, you need certain essential items, and a bed to sleep in is perhaps the most necessary one. Here are the reasons you need a single air bed to get optimum rest on camp.

Comfortable Sleep

Camping can be strenuous sometimes as you never know where the path leads you. It's important to get a good night's sleep to recuperate and save up enough energy to continue the next day. Gone are those days when campers had to sleep in uncomfortable sleeping bags and even sleep in makeshift beds. The OzTrail Anywhere Bed Queen for instance has a heavy-duty PVC air mattress that is highly comfortable due to its ergonomic design.


The Coleman All Terrain Queen Airbed is extremely lightweight which makes it an ideal companion when camping in the wild. It has a fabric layer that gives the bed an extraordinary puncture-resistant quality. This bed is 47% more puncture-resistant compared to other camping beds. You can find this awesome bed at our stores. Buy this air bed right away!

Generous Leg Room

Tall people often have a difficult time sleeping outdoors as the average-sized airbeds aren't sufficient to support their frame. If you're a tall person looking for an inflatable bed, then Dwights is the right place for you. We offer a range of beds that are suitable for people of all sizes.

Easy to Store and Transport

If you're going on a long camping trip, you need a single air bed that can be lugged around without the slightest discomfort. You want a bed that opens and folds quickly, is easy to set up anywhere, and saves you as much space as possible. Whether you're inside the tent or your camping van, the bed should be flexible enough to move it around with minimal effort.

Frequently Asked Questions  

What size air mattress fits in a tent?

A typical mattress is about 78 inches or 198 cm in length and 60 inches or 152 cm tall, while an average tent is about 120 inches wide. Such a mattress is enough to fit inside most tents and wide enough for 2 people to sleep comfortably. So technically 2 such mattresses would fit into the average tent but there won't be ample space for free movement. 

How to choose an airbed?

There are different criteria to select an air bed but the most common aspects are – a soft and reasonably thick mattress, lightweight, and ease of carrying on long trips. Adequate back support is crucial when it comes to having a comfortable sleep outside and you should pick one with exceptional back support. The airbed should be foldable and stored in a compact space so that it can be carried around effortlessly.

What size air mattress will fit in a 2 person tent?

The dimensions of a 2 person tent are large enough for 2 people with a height of over 6ft. The dimensions are approximately 2.4m in length and a width of about 2.4m. In such a case, an inflatable mattress of size 78 x 58 inches is enough to have a decent stay. The Coleman Queen Double High Quickbed or the OzTrail Anywhere Bed are good options for a 2 person tent.

What is a good size air mattress?

A 198x152x60 cm is a good mattress size. This size is ample for 2 people to sleep peacefully. It is a good fit for tall people. Although if you're close to 190 cm tall, you may find your legs to be close to the edges. Nonetheless, this works perfectly fine for those who possess a large frame.