How do I choose the right hiking pack?

Those who love backpacking activities would know the importance of hiking packs. One of the most essential parts of a backpacking activity is having the best hiking backpacks on board. A lightweight hiking backpack will ensure that you are travelling with all that you need and are comfortable during the journey.

Of late, with the striking popularity of outdoor activities, the market is filled with hiking backpack for women and men. However, knowing the factors that make for the best hiking backpacks for an outdoor endeavour, is essential to find the best product.

Check out how you should make the selection for the best outdoor packs for a hiking endeavour.

A hiking pack or a backpack is something that a hiker or adventurer would carry on their shoulders for a long time and in different climatic conditions. And so, compromising on quality can have some far-reaching effects like causing shoulder, knee, or back problems, or other problems like your luggage getting wet in a rainy location. Considering all these aspects, we have summed up three elements to look out for before buying a hiking backpack for women or men:

Size of the Backpack:

The first thing that you need to decide is the type and duration of your hiking activity. Once you are aware of these things you would be able to plan the gears and other essentials that you would need to carry. Considering the kind of luggage you would need; you can go for the desired size of the backpack.

Considering the type and duration of your hiking activity, the size of your backpack can be anywhere between 30 to 80 litres. Just as for a weekend long hiking activity, a 30 to 50 litres hiking pack will be enough to carry all that you will be needing. Similarly, for an extended trip, it is no wonder taken that a 70 to 80 litres backpack will pack everything you would be needing.

Features of Backpack:

For frequent travellers and hikers, the features of the backpack can be the deciding factor before purchase. Certain features are essential for certain trips and you cannot do without them. Just like features like integrated rain covers are essential while travelling in wetter climates, similarly, hydration compatible backpacks are ideal for travelling in dry and hot areas.

The most striking features of a backpack that you need to consider before making a purchase are as follows:

Backpack Frame: The backpacks available in the market usually comes in three different frame structures- frameless, external frame, and internal frame. The frameless variants are usually lightweight hiking backpack, the ones with external frames are the best for those carrying an abnormal amount of weight and the ones with internal frames are the most common ones. The backpacks with internal frames are designed to hug the shape of the hiker and disperse the weight and are the best backpack for long distance hiking.

Ventilation: A competent ventilation system on your backpack can ensure that you do not end up with a sweaty back after a hiking activity. Look for a backpack with an integrated ventilation system for the best experience.

Padding: The best backpack for long distance hiking will have efficient and adequate padding to provide comfort and avoid any discomfort during the hike. You should always check for cushioning or padding in a backpack so that you do not end up with a sore back.

Pockets, compartments, external straps, hooks or loops: These are also some very essential features that you need to look out for. However, each of these features varies from individual to individual and you need to look out for what is essential for you.

The fit of the Backpack:

If there is something you should seriously consider while buying a backpack, then it is the fit. There are two important factors that you need to consider while looking for a well-fitted backpack. The first one is your torso length and the other one is the hip width. Once you know these two measurements you can pick the right backpack that will be well-fitted and comfortable to carry.

Always check the fit by strapping the waist, shoulder and sternum belts and feel whether the backpack is stable and snug with your back. There should not be any discomfort or uneasiness if the backpack fits you right.

Check out the most asked queries about hiking backpacks:

1. What are the different types of hiking backpack for women and men?

The hiking packs can be divided into two types: frameless and framed backpacks. The frameless backpacks are for the ones who are looking for a lightweight option. Whereas, the framed backpacks are designed to fit properly to the body of the hiker so that it is comfortable. Backpacks are available in internal and external frames dispensing on the requirement.

2. Is it worth investing in the best hiking backpacks?

The hiking backpacks are designed in a way that is convenient to carry different gear and equipment during an outdoor activity. A normal backpack may or may not come with the essential compartments and features that are essential while hiking for long hours or travelling through unusual terrains.

3. What can be the best size for a hiking backpack?

A hiking backpack can be anywhere between 30 to 80 litres of capacity. However, you should make the choice considering your travel itinerary and type.

4. How to select the best hiking backpacks?

For the best hiking backpacks, you can look for the features and the fit of the backpack. When these two elements are taken care of go for the size based on your luggage requirement.

5. Where can I find the best collection of lightweight hiking backpack in New Zealand?

Dwights outdoor is a renowned name in selling outdoor equipment. They have an extensive collection of backpacks and other essentials for hiking activities.

Bottom Line

This post can be helpful if you are planning to buy a backpack for your hiking adventures. Remember the advice and invest in the best outdoor packs. If you are someone from New Zealand, you can check out the collections of Dwights Outdoors for they have a great collection of backpacks to choose from.

Go get your hiking packs and enjoy hiking.