Handy Hints

Before you purchase your new tent, ensure it is designed for NZ’s tough conditions. Check it is the right size for you and your family’s needs and that it suitable for the type of camping you wish to do. Make sure there is plenty of after sales support and spare parts are readily available.

Before you leave

Test your gear
Always have a practice pitch of your tent before you go to the campground for the first time. This way you will be familiar with all the components and stress free when you start your holiday.

Setting up camp

Get there early
Always get to your campsite well before dark – so you have plenty of time to put your tent up without running out of light!

Find a good site
Make sure the ground is clear of sharp objects and stones. Try to concentrate for this bit, no matter how knackered you are after the day’s travelling or adventuring, because not getting this right is the fastest road to wrecking your tent.

Try not to pitch your tent under trees because tree sap and bird droppings can damage the fabric, not to mention being a pain in the neck to remove.

Get the best orientation 
Spread out your tent, and face it the way you want. Smart folk will have the doorway facing away from any prevailing wind.

Open the door and windows before you pitch the tent to let air get in.

Follow the Instruction
Now just follow the instructions specifically written for your tent.
Always re-tension guy ropes during extended periods of use as they will loosen over time.

Manage your fire
Keep all flames and gas appliances well away from the tent. Do NOT cook inside your tent.

Packing up

Make sure your tent is dry

It’s important that you store your tent dry and clean in the bag supplied. Do not store directly on a floor in a garage or out building, especially on concrete.

Mildew can develop quickly if your tent is not stored properly. Mildew is formed from the spores picked up when your tent is pitched and these then multiply in damp conditions. If mildew spots do appear, brush them off before they become ingrained.

There will be times when your tent is wet or damp when you take it down. When this happens make sure you spread it out to dry within 24 hours to avoid mildew growing. Even if conditions are still damp the air movement will inhibit mildew growth.