Fleece Jackets: The Perfect Addition to Your Camping Gear

If you are a veteran camper you will agree that fleece jackets are the perfect winter layer for your trip. Whenever you are on a winter camping trip, the apparel layer is very important for a comfortable camping experience. If you are planning for a winter sport or winter outdoor activity, you should remember that only effective layering will ensure a good time in the outdoors.

Your winter layers for outdoor activity will generally require three stages of layering for comfort and effective insulation. The base layer, the mid layer and the final layer are the best clothing solution while outdoors. However, in this post, we will try to understand how the mid-layer with the best fleece jackets is the perfect addition to your camping clothing.

Fleece Jackets! What are they?

The 1940s saw the manufacturing of the revolutionary fabric Fleece, which eventually changed the game for winter clothing. By the 80s it became widely popular as a soft, insulating fabric that was great for wearing during the winter. Made from polyester, which comprises threaded plastics, fleece as a fabric is breathable and dries pretty fast. These efficient and highly functional features of fleece make it one of the most effective outdoor gear.

The fleece material is available in varied thickness that is directly proportional to the warmth provided. In other words, the thicker the fleece the warmer it is, and so you need to consider the activity for which you are selecting the fleece.

Suppose, in case you are investing in a fleece jacket for outdoor sports like skiing, you need to go for a lightweight or mid-weight fleece jacket so that it provides the required warmth and also provides breathability to avoid perspiration. While in the other hand, when looking for a jacket merely for camping, go for a heavy down material for the perfect insulation.

The Advantages of Fleece Jackets:

Are you wondering how a product invented in the 1940s is still relevant and very much in use as hiking gear in the 21st century? Well, to find answers to your questions, you need to first look at the benefits of this material and how it is offering winter outdoor solutions.

Activity Friendly: There are many clothing options for the winter but very few are appropriate for activities. The wool sweaters or fur jackets do not provide the flexibility to move around freely or engage in high-intensity activities that would include sweating. These materials do not offer enough ventilation and also take much longer to dry, thus making them an inappropriate choice for outdoor activities.

Fleece, on the other hand, is a breathable fabric along with being significantly insulated. These lightweight jackets are perfect for outdoor activities and adapt well to the mercury drops and provide enough warmth and comfort. They allow you the flexibility to perform various activities like hiking.

Moisture Guard: The fleece material is synthetic based and so offers the best solution against moisture like rain, snow, dew, etc. The fleece material not only offers significant resistance against moisture but also dries pretty quickly, thus making them ideal for outdoor.

Insulating Properties: Fleece is just like any other winter fabric that is designed to provide noteworthy warmth against the harsh winter winds. The raised “pile” surface of the material helps in trapping the body heat between the fibres and blocking the cold winds from entering. It is more like an insulated window whose air pockets help in keeping you insulated in the outdoors.

Durable: Fleece is a man-made synthetic product which is engineered to be long-lasting. Natural products that are no doubt warm and comfortable but fail to last for years. Whereas on the other hand, fleece jackets will stay as it is for years to come. In addition, there are also easy to clean and maintain without much hassle.

Have any queries? Find your Answers Here:

How can a fleece jacket keep me warm?

The best fleece jackets can offer remarkable warmth and keep you comfortable in the coldest outdoors. The fleece material is engineered with a wool and fibre blend that forms air pockets which resemble the insulation system at our homes. These air pockets trap the body heat and block the cold air from the outside.

Is it worth investing in a fleece jacket?

Fleece jackets are lightweight and extremely warm that work best as outdoor gear. It has some of the essential features like breathability and moisture resistance and also dries up quickly. All these features of a fleece jacket make them a great buy for outdoor activities where you want to avoid heavyweight clothes.

Can I wear a fleece jacket during camping?

The light weight and versatility of fleece jackets make them a great essential for camping. They offer the required insulation and comfort. Moreover, they are also an affordable option so are very popular among campers.

Will it be a good option to go for fleece jackets for hiking?

Well, yes, the best fleece jackets can be very functional for a hiking trip. They are available in lightweight, midweight, and heavyweight variants and so you need to consider the climatic forecast and your metabolism before finalizing one.

Wrapping Up

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