Don’t Lose Sleep in The Wrong Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags are no doubt one of the most essential camping gears that you must not compromise on. A comfortable and warm sleeping bag will ensure that you get a good night's sleep while outdoors.

If you are someone who takes pleasure and interest in wandering in the wild and looking for opportunities for escapades, you must invest in a sleeping bag with travel-friendly features. With camping and other outdoor experience becoming so much popular among people, there are hundreds of stores and companies selling camping gear and sleeping bags.

Amidst so many options in the market, you are bound to get confused and make the wrong choice for sleeping bags. So, this post will guide you in choosing the right sleeping bags that will make for the best companion in your outdoor endeavours.

Choosing Sleeping Bags based on Activities:

One of the best ways to select a sleeping bag is to check for products that are activity specific. You might be interested in a particular outdoor activity and would want your sleeping bags to be the best fit for your travel.

Camping sleeping bags are made to offer you more comfort and are on the heavier side as you need not carry them to the spot, unlike backpacking sleeping bags. These bags have lesser features and are comparatively less expensive and concentrated solely on comfort and warmth. Shop for camping sleeping bags for the perfect family getaway into the wilds.

When you are looking for backpacking sleeping bags, your sole concern should be the lightweight and compressive features of the bags. It is never a good idea to carry a bulky sleeping bag, cramming it in the luggage and taking up lots of space. The trick is to opt for a lightweight, compressible, and warm bag for backpacking endeavours.

Alpine or mountaineering sleeping bags are no different than backpacking sleeping bags. It only requires the added feature of warmth and water resistance. The hunting and fishing sleeping bags also comprises similar features as water resistance remains a common characteristic.

Choosing Sleeping Bags based on Temperature Ratings:

Now, this is very important as you should pay attention to the temperature ratings of your sleeping bags. It is advisable that you check on the temperature ratings and the seasonality of the bags based on the area or season you are travelling in. You would not want to be uncomfortable while being in a colder region with a sleeping bag that is not fit for the lower temperatures.

Choosing Sleeping Bags based on Fills:

There are generally two types of fills available for sleeping bags: natural down and synthetic fills. The down sleeping bag is known for superior quality insulation, is lightweight, and is highly compressible. It keeps lofting even after stuffing the sleeping bag hundreds of times in the compression sack.

Synthetic sleeping bags are known to offer warmth even when they are soaked with water. Doesn’t it sound amazing? Well, synthetic-filled sleeping bags also dry up faster than down bags and are a great choice if you are travelling in a wetter region or during the rainy season.

Other Features to consider in Sleeping Bags:

The other essential features to consider are its size and shape. Additionally, you should also check for the zippers, hoods, and baffles.

Sleeping bags are available in different shapes as rectangular bags, mummy bags, double bags that fit two people at a time, quilts, women-specific bags, and specialized shapes for different terrains.

When buying a sleeping bag, you also get to liberty to choose for size. Different brands have standardised sizes for sleeping bags, just like regular men and regular women, long men and long women, and kids-specific bags.

These are the features and qualities that need your consideration before you invest in a sleeping bag for your outdoor activities. Now let us answer the most frequently asked queries.

Answering What you Wanted to Know:

1. What are the different types of sleeping bags available in the market?

Although there are various available sleeping bags depending on the fill, size, and activity. But based on the construction, sleeping bags are of five types rectangular, semi-rectangular, mummy, double, and kid’s size.

2. What is a better choice, a down sleeping bag or a synthetic one?

Although natural down is proven to provide the best warmth in colder conditions and is preferably the best choice for being lightweight. Synthetic sleeping bags outshine the former for their quality performance in wet conditions. These bags are found to absorb 70% less moisture and dry three times faster, whilst maintaining their heat.

3. Are down Sleeping bags worth buying?

The down sleeping bags are lightweight, comfortable, and fluffy and offer superior warmth per gram and are great in cold weather conditions. When cared for and maintained properly they can last for years and be as functional as new.

4. What temperature can you expect from a 4 season Sleeping Bag?

A four-season sleeping bag would ideally cover summer to winter seasons with varying temperatures. For summer nights above 5℃, for spring evenings and nights from 0℃ to 5℃, for a cold night between 0℃ to -5℃, and colder nights for as low as -10℃.

Final Word

So, this was all that could help you to make the right choice for your hunting and fishing sleeping bags or normal camping bags. Try to check for renowned brands and shop from trustworthy stores like Dwights Outdoors, who specialises in outdoor gear and equipment.