Nikwax Sandal & Sportshoe Wash

Nikwax Sandal & Sportshoe Wash

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Sandal & Sports Shoe Wash

Easy to use deodorising cleaner for all non-waterproof footwear, including shoes, sandals, insoles and footbeds. Cleans, freshens and removes odours.


How Nikwax Sandal & Sports Shoe Wash™ keeps your sandals and footbeds in top condition…


Nikwax Sandal & Sports Shoe Wash™ is a highly effective cleaner and deodoriser which has been specifically designed and optimised to clean and deodorise all non waterproof footwear, including shoes, sandals and next to skin areas of footwear, such as insoles and footbeds.

Nikwax Sandal & Sports Shoe Wash™ removes the build up of dirt and body oils from non waterproof footwear, as well as insoles and footbeds. Thereby reducing the growth of bacteria which cause odour to build up and rot materials and stitching. This has the added benefit of extending the useful lifetime of treated items.

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