MSR Stake Hammer

MSR Stake Hammer

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If youve ever suffered the indignity of trying to hammer a tent peg into hard ground with a cheap, rubber-headed mallet, the new MSR Stake Hammer is for you. Theres no snapping of shafts or bouncing of heads, just a percussive, precise meeting of peg and stainless steel head, as a result of which, the peg generally decides it will penetrate the ground after all!

Its an amazing thing in an unashamedly over-specified sort of way. If someone handed it to you on the street, probably inadvisable, you'd assume it was some sort of precision-engineered piece of climbing hardware. Like we said, the head is hardened stainless steel complete with dimpled face to minimise slippage if your swing isnt quite just so.

* Comfortable aluminum shaft
* Integrated bottle opener

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